Discover the next generation of theater artists.

Each season, the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts at UArts produces more than a dozen plays and musicals featuring top talents from across America. Experience the passion and creativity of young artists on the threshold of professional success. Your ticket dollars fund scholarships and other programs that support Brind School students!


February 8th at 7:30pm, February 9th at 7:30pm, February 10th at 2pm & 8pm, February 11th at 2pm

Caplan Studio Theater (Terra Hall)

The Equinox New Play Festival is an annual Ira Brind School of Theater Arts event that highlights student work. Equinox is completely produced, written, directed, designed, stage managed and performed by students. The pieces in this year's festival were prompted by Stage designer Es Devlin. Each playwright was asked to take inspiration from one of Es’ many works to write short plays. Using this the students are able to create a festival of aesthetically similar works with a wide range of topics and ideas.

2018 FESTIVAL PLAYS, presented in the following order each performance time:

Why Am I Used To This, Mind Your Own, Footballs, and then Just Another Normal Conversation


Directed by Tamara Wheaten, Written by Allison Mudd

Cast: Squid - Jeremy Little, Rica - Christina Carelli, Sam - Joseph McAndrews, Drake - Ian Ritter, Becca - Justina Kondratowicz, Aaliyah - Faith Dansberry, Ram - Stephen Giordano


Directed by Billy Sander, Written by Max Van Kooy

Cast: Hannah Fletcher, Giacomo Fizzano


Directed by Anastassia Vertjanova, Written by Hannah Sandler

Cast: Sydney - Kaitlin Waldron, Narrator - Nolan Cummings, Michael - Josh Crosby, Ensemble - Lorraine Iaquinta and Anna Radway


Directed by Kimberly Redman, Written by Brittney Anderson

Cast: Theorist - Juliet Mellon,Sociologist - Jaz Blain, Assistant - Basil Thompson

ICE CREAM by Caryl Churchill

Directed by Emily Cooper ('18)

February 15 at 7:30p, February 17 at 7:30p, February 18 at 2pm

Gershman Hall Black Box Theater

Husband and wife, Lance and Vera, travel to the United Kingdom in hopes of connecting with Lance's British ancestry. There they meet a sibling duo of distant relatives who appear to be the key to Lance's search, but turn their world upside down and drag them into a murder coverup. Set in the Reagan/Thatcher 1980s, Ice Cream explores our idealized views of they countries we reside in and what it means to be family.

Assistant Director: Trey Krause

Dramaturg: Sam Mendel

Stage Manager: Kereni Sanchez MacEira


Lance - David Tibbs
Vera - Mary McCabe
Phil - Cameron Farrell
Jaq - Krystal Ortega
Man - Jacob Kemp
Woman - Sol Madariaga


by Jean Genet

Directed by Torez Mosley ('18)

February 16 at 7:30pm, February 17 at 2pm

Gershman Hall Black Box Theater

Two sisters, maids to a wealthy society woman, act out fantasies of class, love and revenge while the lady of the house is out on a romantic rendezvous. As their games intensify, the incipient violence escalates as they await Madame's return.…

Assistant Director: Anastassia Vertjanova

Stage Manager: Courtney Cameron

Assistant Stage Manager: Juana Parral


Claire - Aliria Johnson
Solange - Lexi Thammavong
Madame - Trinity Griffin


by José Rivera

Directed by Bill Buddendorf

February 22 at 7:30pm, February 23 at 7:30pm, February 24 at 2pm & 7:30pm, February 25 at 2pm

Frank Jimenez as Rick Coca
Tiarra Murrell as Robert Montano
Cole Lederhandler as Carlo Alban
PJ Barth as Antoinette Abbamonte
Joseph Clark-Falcone as Yusef Bulos
Devon Moreno as Doris Difarnecio
Donnie Grimm as X
Michael Jernick as Mark Ferreira
Deanna Pereira as Cordelia Gonzalez
Dyamond Johnson as Alene Dawson
Daniel Melo as Rene Rivera
Megan Graham as Camilia Sans
Liam Nimick as Sam Wellington
Wes Hopkins as Ana Ortiz
Zoe Feldman as Svetlana Efremova



March 27-March 31 in Arts Bank Theater & Caplan Studio Theater

Ancient Future in the Caplan Studio Theater

Ancient Future is a musical written by Storm Thomas about art and activism over time. It follows a group who must quest around the house to remember the plot they recently forgot. Ancient Future is a kaleidoscopic conjuring of remembrance and uses music to awaken memories of place and one another. The musical is a moving expression of the radical participatory communitarian and puppet-filled aesthetic of the Brooklyn-based theater collective To Rena, Love Us.

Author: Storm Thomas

Director/Choreographer: Marisa Clementi

Dramaturg/Co-Creator: Elizabeth Barnett

Production Manager and Designer-at-large: Julianna

Music Director: Dante Green

Dates (Caplan Studio Theater)

March 27 at 8pm, March 29 at 8pm, March 31 5pm

Retrograde in the Caplan Studio Theater

Retrograde (Adj.)

- 1. Moving, occurring, or performed in a backward direction

- 2. Tending toward or resulting in a worse of previous state

- 3. Affecting memories of a period prior to brain trauma

Retrograde is a new musical about, Z, a young woman who is forced to confront the deepest and furthest corners of her mind after an accident that lands her in a coma. Z struggles to remember her own identity while traveling through the memories she has culminated in her 21 years, as retrograde amnesia threatens to erase everything and everyone she has ever known.

Director/Choreographer Amy Smith

Book and Lyrics by Savannah Souza ‘19

Music by Sarah Flaim ‘18

Orchestrations by Jaime Jarret ‘17 & Dante Green ‘19

Dates (Caplan Studio Theater)

March 28 8pm, March 30 8pm, March 31 11am

White Girl in Danger Arts Bank Theater

White Girl in Danger is a dark musical comedy about Keesha, an ordinary black girl who seeks to prove that she's just as much of a protagonist as every Lifetime Original Movie heroine white girl in her town as issues such as drugs, alcohol, abusive boyfriends, eating disorders, and finally a serial killer starts picking the white girls off one by one. Inspired by classic 90s TV movies such as "She Cried No," "She Fought Alone, and "Mother May I Sleep With Danger?"

Author: Michael R. Jackson

Director: Malika Oyetimein

MD: Adam Wiggins

Choreographer: TBD

Dates (Arts Bank Theater)

March 27 8pm, March 29 8pm, March 31 8pm

Cowboy Bob Arts Bank Theater

Peggy Jo Tallas is Cowboy Bob: the scourge of Texas strip mall banks, a tragic insurgent against the patriarchy, a bombshell outlaw exacting revenge on her banker ex-boyfriend. Zigzagging between the urban sprawl of Dallas in the 1990s and self-help addled Hollywood of today, COWBOY BOB is a musical portraiture pile-on of a woman we may never really know.



Developed and Directed by ANNIE TIPPE

Music Direction & Arrangements: ALEX THRAIKILL

Dates (Arts Bank Theater)

March 28 8pm, March 30 8pm, March 31 2pm

ACEDIA Arts Bank Theater

April 19 at 7:30pm, April 20 at 7:30pm, April 21 at 2pm & 7:30pm, April 22 at 2pm

A demon works as an HR worker in Hell, a good setup for a bad joke of a life. Follow Richie, a bored and unsatisfied desk-jockey playing victim to eternity, as he navigates through a Hell all too familiar and treacherous.

Written by Taj Rauch (‘18)

Directed by Amy Dugas Brown


Extispex - LaShaun Morgan
Stan - Daniel Jones
Richie - Tim Williams
Klause - Zac Baccaro
Mama Destani - Nicolette Palombo
Pluto - Emilia Amador
Esther - Jasmine Louis
Roger - William Shipley
Violence - Nick Doucette
Heresy - Mark Pintea
Clarice - Dana Brown

Human Meat Movement Corps

Brady Fritz
Greg Power
Hannah Sattazahn
Ina-Louis Thomas
Josh Farner
Kaila Burritt
Lulu Cornelious
Ma’Kayla Nolan
Maddie Krietzberg
Maddy Mackarey
Marlee Waleik
Max Van Kooy
Rachel Sampson
Rodney Murray
Sara Hough
Sara Laramie
Taheem Mack