Organized by Katherine Desimine (Dance ’19) and students in the UArts  School of Dance, the Summer Workshops at 1401 provided a structured space for movement based artists to share work, receive feedback, lead and take dance classes, and create relationships in the dance field. Programs were free and held on the University of the Arts campus. The workshops included two programs.

The Choreographic Workspace: a space for dance markers to share work and receive feedback
Class Series: UArts Dance students led and participated in classes of their design
As a closing event, the organizers held an open improvisational jam. It included dancers who had participated during the summer program and musicians providing improvised music. To continue this student-led program, the organizers established a club through the UArts Office of Campus Life. They are now planning choreographic workshops and special dance-related events over academic year 2018-19.

While there were participants and positive feedback for both programs, the Class Series was especially impactful for all involved. Attendance tended to be higher. Class Leaders often commented that leading class is something they wish they had the opportunity to do more of while in school. Every class had a faculty mentor present who observed class and gave the Class Leader feedback afterwards. 

The Summer Workshops at 1401 organizers are very grateful to have received funding from the Corzo Center's Innovation Lab at The University of the Arts and The University of the Arts President's Fund for Excellence. They used the funds to pay faculty mentors, class leaders, and guest artists, as well as help promote the workshops.

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