Student Employment

Finding a job on campus is a great way to assist with college expenses.

Earn a bi-weekly paycheck while gaining valuable employment experience.

Work Study Programs

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a need-based work-study program. Eligibility for the program is based upon need as determined by the FAFSA and availability of funds on a first-come, first-serve basis. The allotment awarded to a student for Federal Work Study cannot be directly applied to tuition and is the maximum allotment available at that time.  The award is held in estimated status and not made active until a job is found by the student through the program.  The student receives payment through a bi-weekly paycheck based on the hours worked through the program. Students can request their allotment be increased once they've started work on-campus by emailing their Student Financial Services counselor. Some positions require Federal Work Study while others may be able to be converted to Institutional Work Study once the maximum allotment is met.  Students are permitted to work up to 17.5 hours per week during classes. Wage levels start at minimum wage and vary on the position. Hours can be arranged to accommodate the student’s class schedule.

Institutional Work Study

Students who do not qualify for Federal Work Study are still encouraged to apply for jobs on-campus and may be eligible for Institutional Work Study on a funds-available basis. Students are hired based on their work experience and not solely on need.

Off-Campus Community Service Work Study

Additional positions with approved off-campus non-profit organizations, provide students the opportunity to be employed in community service positions, and receive payment through the FWS program. For information about these programs, contact the Office of Student Financial Services, at

International Student Employment

International students are permitted to work at the University of the Arts in on-campus positions only. If a matriculated student would like to work, they must first find a job and then acquire a temporary social security card. The Office of International Student Programs assists students in applying for a temporary social security card.

Steps to Employment

Eligible students are permitted to work up to 17.5 hours per week when classes are in session. Students are paid at least minimum wage, and hours may be arranged to accommodate the student’s class schedule. The FWS award can be used between July 1 and June 30 each academic year.

Finding A Job

Students are able to apply for jobs around campus. We do not participate in job placement. The work study program is competitive. Though many students are successful in obtaining a position, it is not guaranteed that you will find a job right away. Positions are available in many administrative offices and academic departments around campus. Start by looking at the Work Study Job Board on the UArts portal or through the Work Study Job Directory. You are welcome to submit an application to any department at any time even if there isn't an opening listed on the UArts Work Study Job Board. The Student Employment Handbook contains expanded information about work study programs, including information on policies and procedures.

Once You Find A Position

Once you’ve found a position and the supervisor has hired you, read the Student Employment Handbook fully.  Then complete the required forms with your supervisor, and return the completed forms along with your forms of identification to the Office of Student Financial Services. You will not be able to start work without authorization from Student Financial Services.

  • First Job Required Forms and ID: Student Employment Offer (SEO), W-4, I-9, Confidentiality Statement, Workers Compensation Agreement, and Direct Deposit Authorization.
  • IDs required: A photo ID (State issued ID such as driver’s license or your UArts ID) and Proof of Citizenship (Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport)
  • Returning or Additional Position Forms Require: Student Employment Offer (SEO).

Basic Rules

  1. All of your paperwork must be completed and you must receive a work authorization permit from the Office of Student Financial Services to start working.
  2. Students cannot work over 17.5 hours per week when classes are in session.
  3. If you work 5 or more hours in one day, you are required to take a half-hour, unpaid break which must be reflected on your time card.

If you have any questions regarding your employment rights and responsibilities contact the Office of Student Financial Services at

Getting Paid

Students are paid every two weeks and are required to sign up for direct deposit. Students can only be paid if a supervisor approves their online time card for the pay cycle in which they worked. On payday, students who have extenuating circumstances and are unable to sign up for direct deposit or are changing bank accounts can pick up their check in the Office of Student Financial Services beginning at 9:00 AM. Any checks not picked up are mailed the following Thursday by noon to the student’s address given on the W-4.

Supervisor Information

Your position as Work Study Supervisor plays an important role in the student experience. For many students, this will be their first job and you will likely become one of their mentors, a future employment role model, and a reference for their future employment.

In order to make this a fulfilling experience for both of you, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Work Study Supervisors Manual. This document will give you a detailed description of the workings of the UArts Work Study Program policy and procedure. It will give you information on everything from posting jobs, hiring, completion, the delivery of required paperwork, and your overall responsibilities in this position.

Hiring Student Employees

All students seeking employment should be asked to fill out an application regardless of their Federal Work Study versus Institutional Work Study status.

Post open positions on The Student Employment Job Board by emailing to request a link to the online form.

It is important to conduct a brief interview before hiring a student.

Once you have selected a student to hire they will then complete the required forms (see below). Students are not permitted to begin working until all of their paperwork is complete and handed submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services.  Once all required paperwork is received the student will be added to the timekeeping system.  Please allow an appropriate amount of time before scheduling the student's first shift to ensure all new hire onboarding is complete.  

Important Forms

ALL work study students who are being employed on campus for the first time must fill out a complete set of the following forms before beginning employment. Forms will be sent by the work study coordinator via RightSignature directly to the student's UArts email. Students need to complete an I-9 in-person with the work study coordinator. Students cannot start work until all paperwork is completed and will not be added to the time keeping system until all paperwork is complete.

Clocking In and Out

Students are responsible for clocking in and out in When I Work, our time keeping software for student workers. Timesheets should be verified properly by the student before final approval by the supervisor. Make certain the hours worked reflect the hours in When I Work. Students must not work more than five consecutive hours without taking an unpaid half-hour break. This break must be reflected on your digital timesheet.

Once the timecard has been checked for accuracy and completion, they need to be approved through the timekeeping system no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday after the last Wednesday of each pay period.

Need Help? Contact Us

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