Our 20+ clubs and organizations are as creative as our students. Expand your experience beyond the classroom in visual arts, music, performing arts, advocacy and more.

Art + Design Education Professional Development


The purpose of the Art + Design Education Professional Development club is to engage, enrich, and guide the University of the Arts MA and MAT students into becoming leaders in the field of art education. This will be achieved by participating in workshops, lectures and conferences to stay current in the field.


Emerging Leaders


Emerging leaders is an 8 week course designed to encourage students to learn more about themselves, their leadership style, and how to become an active leader on campus. Through group activities and class discussion, students will learn about the five practices of exemplary leadership.

This course is not for credit, but upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a leadership certificate that they can put on their resume.

The Emerging Leaders Program occurs each spring semester with the nomination process occurring in the fall semester.

Nominations should be submitted to Kristen Burkett at kburkett@uarts.edu. To nominate a prospective student leader(s) or to self-nominate, students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher and be first or second year students.




[Dis]Ability is a chapter of Delta Alpha Pi, an Honors Society that recognizes the accomplishments of students with disabilities and facilitates development of leadership and advocacy skills. It works to change the negative stereotyping that can be associated with disability.


National Society of Collegiate Scholars


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers. NSCS provides career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities, and offers nearly half a million dollars in scholarships annually. NSCS members are deeply committed to scholarship, leadership, and service and as a result, are impacting their campus and local communities every day.

For more information about the UArts chapter, please contact their advisor or one of their officers:

  • Deshana Wooden- Advisor
  • Tonya Mayo- Chapter President
  • Nyah Duckworth- Chapter Vice President
  • Morgan Williams- VP of Social Media
  • Bryana Mainor- VP of Community Service
  • Morgan Williams- Tresurer 
  • Joy Giuffre- Secretary 

Eclectic Underground

Eclectic Underground is an organization that curates school-wide hip hop and r&b talent to put on shows on campus to give them an opportunity to showcase their original music. Their mission is to give budding artists a chance for people to hear their music, network, and gain professional experience as the performers.

For more information contact Janel Pascucci (jpascucci@uarts.edu) or Craig Hamilton (crhamilton@uarts.edu). 

B Natural A Capella Club

B Natural A Capella Club encourages collaboration between students through music and vocals. Members of this organization will bond through the use of musical harmonies without accompaniment. This club's mission is to join students together with a common interest in A Capella singing. They serve as an elite music performance group and a means of entertainment to the school.

Coffee Cup Cabaret


Coffee Cup Cabaret, aka C³, is a student organization at The University of the Arts. Founded in 2016, C³ allows UArts students to produce musical theatre cabarets and coffeehouses, providing performance and production opportunities to students across all departments. C³ aims to create new works out of previously written material, making theatre that raises awareness of issues pertaining to the artistic community. Our commitment to community building is also evident in the fact that we provide food or coffee at all of our events. Please email coffeecupcabaret@gmail.com with any questions or proposals. 

[Insert] 24

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a space at the University of the Arts where theatre artists are encouraged to workshop new pieces of musical theatre, have the opportunity to have their song or scene performed, and collaborate with other artists to workshop their piece. The organization will hold a November showcase of new works (“Insert[Cabaret]”) as well as a 24-hour musical writing festival (“[24]Fest”) annually.

No Joke

Sketch comedy group that writes and performs their own material. Check them out on Facebook

Pick a Play

The purpose of this organization is to give opportunities to a community of actors to practice cold readings of plays and to expose members to as many plays as possible.

Playground Champions


Playground Champions is dedicated to putting on amazing and unique performances that have never been seen and will never be seen again! Want to see a variety of crazy improv games assembled from around the country? Playground Champions has them! Students are bound to enjoy their unique style and wacky personalities, so they invite you to join them for a show that everyone can enjoy.

Check out their Facebook page for information on performances, workshops, and auditions: Playground Champions


The Royals Band Dance Line


The Royals Band Dance Line is a j-sette performance team that focuses on bringing a different style of dance to UArts. The j-sette style is a mix of jazz dance and urban movements. They perform stands and field shows with full costumes and also teach workshops to students with any level of dance experience! 

For more information, check out their website: http://uartsroyals.weebly.com/



Workshops at 1401

Workshops at 1401 provides a safe and open space to for students to take and lead dance classes and show and see choreographic work.

Animation Production Club 

The Animation Production Club is a group of students who work throughout the semester to develop animation shorts to submit to festivals. Check out their Facebook page for more information: Animation Production Club.

Creative Art Therapies

The purpose of this organization is to create more opportunities, internships, and community for and among the students in the art therapy major. 

For more information, contact club president, Zoe Darazsdi:  zdarazsdi@uarts.edu

Gallery One Collective


Gallery One Collective is a student-run art gallery dedicated to providing members with a space in which to show work, curate exhibitions and experiment. Gallery One Collective offers an area for expression beyond the classroom and provides an added incentive for students to make work worthy of being shown to a greater public. The gallery is also a space for visiting artists to display their work and in return, students can learn how to work together with outside artists as well as learn how a gallery functions.

For more information, please contact Gallery One Collective: galleryonestudents@gmail.com

Figure Club


Figure Club serves to bring people together who love drawing, specifically the figure, anatomy, movement, and enjoy real life observation. Figure Club aims to help develop life drawing skills, build their personal sketchbooks and portfolios, and cultivate a community of people who enjoy similar interests. They frequently host events that will give students experience in observations. Events include drawing discussion, sketchbook overview, sketch walks, museum trips, field trips, picnics, and visiting local figure drawing meetings. 

For more information about this organization, please visit Figure Club's Facebook page: UArts Figure Club.

UArts Animation Society

UArts Animation Society allows people to become better animators in a social and supportive setting. This club acts as a supplement for the animation curriculum as well as an opportunity for people outside the animation major to freely experiment with the art.

UArts Comics and Prints


Join UArts Comics and Prints to create collaborative comics, zines, and prints and to attend local comic conventions to get your work seen! Join UArts Comics and Prints on Facebook to see what they do!

For more information about this organization, please visit their Facebook page: UArts Comics and Prints.

Media Now

Media Now engages the community through media arts. They put together short videos and podcasts that highlight artists' work as well as art events throughout the Philadelphia area.

For more information about this organization, check out their Facebook page: UArts Media Now.

TinyCloset Collective

TinyCloset Collective is a safe space where writers and performers of all kinds can come together to critically analyze performance poetry, create their own pieces, discuss, and critique each other's work. They create work as individuals, as well as a collective, with the intention of sharing their work with outside audiences. They especially focus on making their work applicable to Poetry Slams vs. Open Mics or Poetry Readings.
They invite outside artists of all kinds to hold workshops to encourage inspiration and explore a variety of creative poetic structures and their relationship with the page and the stage.

African Diaspora Collective


The African Diaspora Collective (ADC) is an organization dedicated to the betterment of the University of the Arts through diversity programming, community outreach and cultural awareness. ADC strives to develop a strong body of student leaders enthusiastic about the success and unity of all minorities on and off campus!

Through active cultural programming such as the ADC Poetry Slam, "Real Talk" discussion panels, stand up comedy nights and much more, the African Diaspora Collective, along with partnering student organizations, is building a better UArts. For More information check out the ADC website.

Contact Information:

Follow Us On:


Chinese Association at UArts

This group shares Chinese culture with the UArts student body.

UArts Korean Association


The University of the Arts Korean Association’s mission is to support Korean students who are affiliated with the University of the Arts: undergraduate and graduate students, along with faculty and alumni. In addition, the Korean Association gives students more opportunities to exchange academic, artistic and collaborative ideas with its members. The Korean Association also hopes to promote friendship and international exchange with other UArts students. Finally, the Korean Association plans on creating Korean cultural events to expose the University community to Korean culture. 

For more information, visit the UArts Korean Association's Facebook page: UArts Korean Student Association-UKA

Story Chapter

Story Chapter is a faith-based community on campus! The mission and vision are simple – leading people to see God for who he really is. We create an environment where everyone feels loved, heard, and encouraged by the power of Jesus. 

“…From beginning to end he’s there, towering far above everything, everyone. So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding. Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people and things, animals and atoms—get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies....” – Colossians 1:18-20 MSG

In a community it’s important to understand that everyone stems from different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Collectively, we all come together as one to work for the greater purpose in which God has designed. Through weekly meetings, dinners, worship nights, and more, Story Chapter aims to provide a place to grow in faith and friendships.




Serving Philadelphia’s art and music schools, Chabad Jewish Center provides weekly Shabbat meals, holiday celebrations, classes, community service opportunities and arts programming. You’re invited every Friday night to the Chabad House (located just two blocks from Hamilton Hall) for a delicious, homemade four-course Shabbat meal to unwind from the week and nourish your body and soul.

Join us as we explore the deep connection between Torah and the arts in a comfortable, family-style setting. When you need a break from your work, are looking for an opportunity to spend time with friends, or make connections with students from other schools, Chabad is your home away from home to reJEWvinate yourself!

For more information, join our Facebook group.

Artists of Service

Artists of Service (AOS) is a community service based organization committed to the development and progress of the Greater Philadelphia Area and the underprivileged, underserved communities within the area. Artists of Service is a collective of students committed to bringing about change and the vision for every person, from every walk of life, to have the opportunity to live in a vibrant, healthy, compassionate world. AOS serves all communities including but not limited to: people with disabilities, at-risk youth, the economically disadvantaged, the elderly, the environment, and in-need animals.

To learn more about AOS please contact them via e-mail at artistsofservice@uarts.edu.

Follow Artists of Service on Instagram!


One Love



The purpose of One Love is to support the national One Love organization in its mission of raising awareness of domestic abuse and relationship violence.

For more information, check out their website or check out their Facebook page, UArts – One Love.


UArts Democrats 

Join this organization to engage in politics! UArts Democrats hosts events that use art to foster political discussions!

Fore more information, check out their Facebook page: UArts Dems.

Self Defense Club

The purpose of this organization is to teach students how to defend themselves in the case that they ever encounter a physical confrontation and need to fight to protect themselves. This club will meet regularly with self-defense instructors who will teach them self-defense techniques. 

For more information about the organization, contact club president, Madison Mayhew: mmayhew@uarts.edu