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Admit One

Music that highlights the unique talent and artistry of the UArts community. UArtists are singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, producers and more. You’ll see them on stage and behind the scenes reaching listeners everywhere.


Tracks for studying, dreaming and creating. Showcasing the diverse talent and artistry of current students, faculty and alumni, #uartist is a celebration of the boundless creativity of the UArts community. No genre is off limits.

Lightbox Film Center Presents: Underrated Soundtracks

Take a break from binge-watching movies and listen to some movie music instead. Lightbox Film Center Curator Jesse Pires has put together a playlist of overlooked, underappreciated film soundtracks that are just as good, if not better, than the films themselves. This genre-bending selection features a few classics screened at Lightbox in recent years.