selfie of student  in a pale lavender crew neck with back back straps visible.


Sculpture (BFA in Fine Arts)

Feyisara Olalowo is a sculpture student at the University of the Arts and a transfer student from Bucks County Community College. He grew up and was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and his journey to the United States has never stopped.

Of his creative approach, Feyisara says:


Through [my] transcendent route in design and sculpture, I'm simply ... a person flourishing on hope, dreams, and complex thoughts and wants, going from world to world. "It’s just another layer of a dead end possibility, but now you have a choice”

a multi-segmented cardboard structure suspended from a chainlink fence, with a larger round segment at the bottom extending with cylindrical segments back and around in a gradated "tail" or "horn"


artwork by Feyisara Olalowo photographed against ablanket white background. two boxes made of red-stained wood with horizontal grain are shown with a smaller one resting on top of the other. the corner edges each have two gray slits