Hubert Theriault sitting in a cafe in front of a mirror and wearing a black turtleneck

Dance (MFA)

Hubert Thériault is a French-Canadian performer, physical actor, puppeteer, choreographer and movement researcher. Hubert is interested in mythologies, storytelling, anticolonialism, trans-temporalities and somatic practices of social justice. Through his research, Hubert wishes to create spaces of representation and embodiment where hegemonic narratives are confronted with alternative perspectives. For the moment, Hubert focuses on the historical specificities of Quebec’s white Catholic Francophone population and their (his) responsibilities in the colonization of Eastern Canada. Hubert believes in dance as a vehicle for sense-making and community building. He is interested in the ways dance is created and shared. He believes that mythologies emerge from the work we show publicly, and that untangling the strings which the past is woven from, is a step toward reconciliation.

Hubert has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University  in Montreal (2022) and took part in danceWeb’s 2022 program. He has created and directed the shadow puppetry piece “CROISÉ,” which was presented at Montreal Fringe Festival (2018) and is the choreographer and co-creator of two dance-videos: “Before the Collapse” (2019)and “If Dreams Were to Die” (2020). Hubert works as a physical actor with Sébastien Cliche and appears in his video installation called “Le Ruban” (2016). He was awarded the J/Desmarais ICB Performance Arts Award (2020). Hubert has taken joy in his many teaching opportunities, most notably with the elders of the St-Michel neighborhood of Montreal.

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