Humanizing Your Online Learning

March 25, 2020

With many educators across the country rapidly shifting coursework online, the UArts Professional Institute for Educators is compiling information to help you navigate your next steps as an educator. Whether that means providing resources to keep your students actively engaged or giving you the tools to become a resource to your colleagues, we’ve asked some of our expert faculty to weigh in.

Instructor Cindy Willits created a guide to humanizing your online learning, so that even online, you and your students can have a rich experience. Cindy has been teaching online for over a decade with a prominent Pennsylvania public cyber charter school. She leads professional development for her colleagues and is a resource for educational technology implementation for her peers and her students. She has presented at many educational conferences including several iNACOL conferences, Blackboard Summit and Blackboard World conferences, PETE & C and PAGE. Cindy leads many year-round Educational Technology course offerings for UArts’ Professional Institute for Educators programs.

Guide to humanizing your online learning

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