Gordon Salaam of UArts

Dance (MFA)

Jhelan Gordon-Salaam is a native of a small town located just outside of Philadelphia. As a graduate of The University of the Arts Dance program, under the evolving curriculum of Donna Faye Burchfield, she is a twenty-two year old artist seeking to find world peace through her artistic expression. She is striving for independence as an artist with research that speaks to self investigation as a means of relating and looking outward. Since graduating, Jhelan has received not only her Bachelors of Fine Arts, but also a certification in Franklin Method to teach The Art of the PliƩ. Jhelan is also interested and has been participating in collaborative performance projects such as Camping in Paris and Lyon, France (2017, 2018) and The Browder Project in Philadelphia (2018). With her primary focus in dance, she has recently started exploring other mediums of expression alongside those that pre-exist. She is always in the process of becoming her most versatile self.

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