April 1, 2019: Immersive Media Late Night Breakfast

April 1, 2019

Immersive Media Late Night Breakfast 
Monday, April 1, 7–10 p.m.
CBS Auditorium and Solmssen Court 

The CIM, together with Student Life, is pleased to present an evening of Immersive Media events and engagements for students to explore during Late Night Breakfast. Events include

  • Discovery Dome

A 20-foot-in-diameter inflatable planetarium dome will be on display. Often used for astronomy and natural history educational programming, the dome also has a history as an immersive projection environment for multimedia happenings. In 1963, artist Stan VanDerBeek created the Movie-Drome, a dome construction with multiple projections surrounding the viewers. Planetarium domes are still often used today for creating experiential and immersive artworks. Come inside the dome and let your imagination flow!

The dome is provided by Kerry Handron, PublicVR, Pittsburgh

Rumble Performance with Real-Time Responsive Animation
Monday, April 1, 8 p.m. sharp—The performance will last 15 minutes.

The Rumble ensemble will perform a dynamic composition on their ready-made instruments. The sound of each performer acts as an input to a computer-controlled animation that responds as they play. The performance and visuals celebrate the everyday things we find around us, and the creative energy that can come from actively engaging with them.

Charlie Heim, senior lecturer, School of Music
Alan Price, director, The Center for Immersive Media

Exquisite Corpse Machine (cadavre exquis)
Invented by surrealists around 1925, Exquisite Corpse is a game during which players draw in turn on sheets of paper, fold them to conceal part of the drawing, and then pass them to the next player for further contributions. Our computer-based version combines the game with the indeterminacy and luck of a casino slot machine, and players draw using software tools. Give it a spin!

Chris McDonnell, assistant professor, Animation
Alan Price, director, The Center for Immersive Media