Digital Photo Certificate Student Lilanee Chanyothi and '30 Ways to See a Tchotchke'

December 13, 2018

Lilanee Chanyothi is a student in the Continuing Education Digital Photography Certificate program, who recently completed a project titled '30 Ways to See a Tchotchke'. This project is an exploration in composition using a wooden duck in various locations around Philadelphia. We recently caught up with Lilanee about her background and experience in the Digital Photography Certificate program:

How did you develop the idea for ‘30 Ways to See a Tchotchke’?

I have the Tchotchke of a mallard duck that sits on on my kitchen counter top. It never moved since I moved into my Philly apartment. So when I found out that was this was the composition assignment for class, I decided why not take this duck on a little photo shoot adventure? I developed the ideas as I went about with my day, while incorporating long nature walks and mini site-seeing trips to spice up the scenery. This duck has seen a lot!


How has the UArts Digital Photography certificate program affected your work?

So far, it has shown to be a very invaluable experience. The program has provided me the foundation and tools to further my skills. It is a work in progress, but I find myself more able to accurately express my taste and art! I feel more confident in my work, while having a more refined eye to my surroundings and inspirations. I am now bringing my camera around everywhere!


What brought you to the UArts Digital Photography certificate program?

For as long as I can remember, I've been very interested in photography and have always aspired to take a class. I was drawn to the UArts Program because I knew if I wanted to pursue continuing education in photography, I had to do it right! I travel quite a lot, so I'd quite like to get into travel photography. I had always thought it was a waste to go to these beautiful places, and not be able to skillfully capture the moments. Perhaps down the line, I will challenge myself to go beyond the hobby and get into freelance, but we'll see.


What skills have you learned at UArts that you've taken outside the classroom?

I've learned about the technical and manual skills of using a DSLR camera, along with subjects on photo editing, composition, depth of field, and motion. I think the most important takeaway of all is the appreciation of photography and art all around.


Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get started in digital photography?

Go for it! I would recommend taking classes with a reputable program such as the the UArts program, that will provide wholesome education and give you a good foundation to get you started on your digital photography endeavors!


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