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Music - Instrumental Performance (BM)

At UArts, I am surrounded by incredible musicians and people who push me to be the best I can be. Being in this creative environment continues to shape me as a student as I aspire to achieve the levels of these amazing and talented instructors. The community at UArts is incredibly supportive and caring, and they want to see you succeed.

When selecting a college, my concern was whether schools were open to students pursuing other instruments. Besides playing the trombone, I also play the violin. At The University of the Arts, the professors encourage me to pursue my other interests. Although violin is not the instrument I am majoring in, I take jazz violin lessons and have been given the opportunity to be in ensembles playing both instruments.

Since I first began playing music, I have been interested in the process of leading a band or ensemble.  It was during my high school years that I discovered that I wanted to teach as well as play. UArts is one of the only colleges that offers a five-year Masters in the Arts of Teaching (MAT). The program incorporates the Music Education minor into the Instrumental Performance major. After completing the undergraduate Instrumental Performance major, you can complete the MAT in just one academic year.

The coursework at The University of the Arts encourages my creative vision. In my music theory course, we analyzed solos of well-known compositions. This process inspired me to arrange a big band piece centered around the solo. We are always encouraged to bring in our own work to our ensembles to be performed. In the “Z” Big Band this year, winner of Downbeat Magazine’s “Top Undergraduate Jazz Ensemble”, we have already performed three original pieces written by members of the band.