headshot of Bless Rudisill. he is wearing a beige baseball cap on his curly hair. On his face are brown gold-horn-rimmed glasses and a large golden septum ring.

BFA '21

Theater Design & Technology (BFA)

Bless is primarily a lighting designer who aims to use light as a malleable ethereal material in order to explore the spiritual nuances of the human condition. Bless wishes to pursue the more primal aspects of life, and highlight light's influence on our more animalistic attributes. However, in transforming light through different mediums, he aims to not only open paths to understanding my own perspective, but also the perspective of those around him. He pushes to be able to translate the stories of others in a way that gives their truth the space it needs to survive. However, Bless doesn’t just do this through lighting. He highlights the existence of other truths through photography, sculpture, and installation. His art is deeply rooted in love and the chaotic pure state of being queer.

“If I've learned anything through my time at UArts and my initial experience freelancing in this city, it's that the most sustainable way to thrive as a young artist is through love and forgiveness. Forgive yourself for needing room for growth and love unabashedly through the act of creation.”

A photograph of dancers in yellow lighting. Photo credit: Ian Douglas
Photo credit: Ian Douglas


A photography of dancers in red, green and purple lighting. Photo credit: Ian Douglas
Photo credit: Ian Douglas


A photograph of dancers wearing tangarments with iridescent, sheer shawls overtop. Photo credit: Ian Douglas
Photo credit: Ian Douglas


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