BFA '95

Art, Media, + Design: Sculpture

Jody Sweitzer’s works in animation, video, installation, and performance have been on display in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, New Jersey and in the Philadelphia area including shows at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Painted Bride Arts Center, Gallery Joe’s Bird Park, Voxpopuli, Nexus, Bridge Street Theater, Gallery Siano, International House, Rowan University, Off the Wall Gallery, and various public sites during several years of The Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Her sculptural works delve deeply into voyeuristic acts upon the self while, attempting to shift the relationship of the stagnant viewer to an active, self-reflecting participant. Her jewelry is an examination of a relationship between the precious and discarded. The result is a marriage between sterling silver and found objects. These bodies of work have been sold in galleries in San Francisco and Philadelphia. Her work has received substantial support from the Independence Foundation and the Leeway Foundation and favorable press from such publications as Art News, Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, City Paper, Art Blog, and the Philadelphia Weekly.