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Theater - Acting

My freshman year, I did a voice-over for an animation student, sophomore year I got to direct a show, and this year, I'm going to take a master class at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Most recently Vass, NC (My family is civilian military so I moved around a bit as a kid. I lived in Lebron James’ hometown, Akron, OH the longest.)

What is one thing you didn't know about UArts that new students might be interested to learn?

One thing I didn’t realize about Uarts when I decided to go here was just how many opportunities there were within the Uarts community. In my time here I have gotten to do so many cool things that I learned so much from. My freshman year I did voice over for an animation student, sophomore year I got to direct a show, and going into my Junior year Im going to Scotland to take master classes at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Uarts really encourages you to be interdisciplinary and acknowledges that each student has many skills to offer. It’s really cool to see how much crossover is happening between programs. It’s also really fun to go check out performances and curations from each school. I feel like I am not only becoming a well rounded actor, but person.

What's your favorite thing to do in Philly?

Trying out all the different restaurants is really fun (and delicious) but I also love going and hanging out with friends in Rittenhouse or at Penns Landing.

What did an average week in your first year look like?

Monday:  Tap, Acting studio, Movement, First year Writing, , getting bulk of my homework done

Tuesday: Stage combat, voice and speech, ballet, survey of theatre arts, rehearsal

Wednesday:  Costume Tech (relaxing day mostly getting homework done and laundry) rehearsal

Thursday:  Acting Studio,Jazz, Movement, First year writing, rehearsal

Friday:  Stage Combat, Voice and Speech, Ballet, Survey of theatre arts

Weekend:  Hanging out with friends, rehearsal, homework, sleeping in

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