Professional Institute for Educators Graduate Programs FAQ

Q: How do I know if a MEd or a Graduate Certificate will work for me?

The MEd in Educational Program Design is recommended for K-12 educators who have yet to earn their master’s degree and are seeking a graduate-level experience in innovative teaching methods and creative programming that weaves together theory and real-world practice. The MEd in Educational Technology is for K-12 educators interested in a graduate-level experience that builds their expertise and understanding of the unlimited uses of technology in the classroom.

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Q: How long does it take to complete a MEd?  A Graduate Certificate?
The time-to-degree for the MEd is typically between 2-5 years, dependent on course enrollment (which is, of course, impacted by District approvals and reimbursement policies).  Time-to-credential for the Graduate Certificate falls between 1-3 years.

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Q:  What do I need to do to begin the application process?

Current K-12 educators will put together the following materials:

  • Complete the application 
  • Order official transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate school(s) attended. Transcripts should be sent directly by the Registrar's Office by mail or secure email to the Professional Institute for Educators, 320 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19102 or  
  • Submit a 2-3 pg Statement of Academic and Professional Goals 
  • Include a CV or résumé containing relevant academic and professional experience 
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation (MEd applicants only)
  • GRE scores (optional).  Official test scores must be sent by ETS to the University. Use institution code 2664 when requesting scores. 

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Q: How/to whom do I submit my application materials?

Application materials can be submitted to the Division of Continuing Studies in the following ways:

  • Walk‐in: Terra Hall, 211 S. Broad Street, 9th Floor, Rm 901
  • Mail - USPS: Professional Institute for Educators, The University of the Arts, 320 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Mail - FedEx +UPS: Professional Institute for Educators, The University of the Arts, 311 S. Juniper Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Fax: 215.717.6538
  • Email:

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Q: Is a portfolio or audition required to apply to this program?

No, neither a portfolio nor an audition is required for admission. These programs are centered on professional education and teaching practice, not creative performance or materials.

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Q: Do I need to submit Praxis scores?

No, Praxis scores are not required.

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Q: Is there a deadline for admission?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with priority given to students who apply by March 1st.

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Q: Is there a required GPA for admission?

While we do not require a minimum GPA, we recommend that applicants earn an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and have a minimum of one year of K‐12 teaching experience.  

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Q: When will I hear back about whether I am admitted into the program?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants will be notified of an admissions decision within 2-3 weeks of submission of a completed application.

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Q: When are classes typically offered? Can I take classes year-round?

Elective classes are offered year-round. Core MEd courses are only offered over the summer sessions and Research Methods / Capstone Courses are only offered in the Fall / Spring. Elective courses are online, hybrid, and in-person classes across multiple locations throughout the region.

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Q: What's the difference between 'area of emphasis' in the MEd in Educational Program Design and the graduate certificates?

For the MEd in Educational Program Design, each applicant selects an 'area of emphasis' to complement the Core MEd curriculum. Arts and Educational Technology are also offered as stand-alone 15-credit Graduate Certificates. 

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Q: What's the difference between matriculated and non-matriculated options? 

Matriculated students earn an official credential from UArts upon completion of the course of study.  Matriculated programs that involve an official application and acceptance process: Master of Education in Educational Program Design (EDPD), Master of Education in Educational Technology (ETEC), Graduate Certificates in Educational Technology (ETEC), and the Arts (VPAS, PRES or UTPS).

Non-matriculated students may enroll in some of the same course options available to matriculated students. Students who elect to do so are considered non-matriculated, and their corresponding course sections are designated with an “NM” following the course code.  

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Q: Are there any University-related benefits that come with being a MEd or Graduate Certificate student/alum?

UArts offers matriculated students the following benefits:

  • UArts Student Photo ID An official UArts photo ID for accessing UArts buildings and services. Enables students to receive discounts at local restaurants, stores, entertainment, admission to cultural venues such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Rodin Museum.
  • UArts Library Borrowing Privileges Use of the UArts library, borrowing privileges, access to extensive digital resources.
  • UArts Alumni Status UArts alumni are eligible for library privileges, a 25% tuition discount on all Professional Institute for Educators and Continuing Education classes, discounts on insurance, hotels, local cultural venues. Visit‐services for a list of alumni benefits.

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Q: What's your policy on transfer credits?

MEd: Up to six credits of graduate coursework may be transferred from accredited institutions outside of UArts and/or non‐matriculated graduate credit earned from UArts.  

Graduate Certificate: Up to three credits of graduate coursework may be transferred from accredited institutions outside of UArts and/or non‐matriculated graduate credit earned from UArts.

Credits may be applied upon approval by the Program Director. All transfer credits must be graduate‐level courses or upper‐level undergraduate classes taken for graduate credit at an accredited college or university, and the student must have earned a grade of B‐ or higher. Additional information, such as syllabi, may be requested in order to determine course content applicability. Only credits are transferable, not grades.

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Q: Do MEd and/or Graduate Certificates lead to teaching certification?

No, these programs do not lead to Pennsylvania Department of Education state certification for entry into public schools. These programs are designed for K-12 educators.

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Q: May I apply to the program, even though I'm not currently in the classroom?

Our programs are designed for K-12 educators currently in the classroom.  If you have taught in K-12 classrooms yet are not in the classroom at present, and plan on going back into the classroom, you may apply to the MEd or Graduate Certificate.

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Q: What if I'm interested in earning certification to become a teacher?

If you are looking for certification or licensure, contact your State Board of Education. The University of the Arts offers degree programs for certification in Music and Art Education.  Learn more

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Q: Are courses offered online? Hybrid?

Yes, courses are offered online, hybrid (blend of online and in-person), and in-person. Online and hybrid courses have the same learning objectives and use the same faculty and curriculum as our in-person courses.   

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Q: Am I required to write and/or defend a thesis?

MEd students take EDPD 701 Capstone Project: Master of Education as their final course, which brings together the sum of the MEd Core and area of emphasis coursework.  Students select and develop a project proposal (choice of a Curriculum Project, Research Project, or Action Research Project), which is reviewed and approved by the student's Advisor and Capstone Committee. Students will present their Projects to the Committee at the end of the course.

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Q: May I enroll in more than one Graduate Certificate at a time?

We advise students to enroll in one Certificate at a time, complete the requirements for that Certificate, and of course encourage interested students to pursue additional Certificates, a MEd, or coursework that build on knowledge/skills for the classroom.

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Q: How much does this program cost?

Visit Tuition & Fees for current tuition rates. 

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Q: Is financial aid available?

Federal financial aid is not available, but private aid is available.  Contact Student Financial Services at (215) 717-6170 or

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Still have questions?

If you would like to meet with a Professional Institute for Educators staff member, please call or email us to schedule an appointment at our Center City Philadelphia office.  

Philadelphia Campus Tours: Contact the Office of Admissions to arrange for a tour —  or  (215) 717 - 6049 


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