Meaghan Dunn sitting at a table and resting her chin in her hand and sitting in front of a visual artwork in black and white

Animation (BFA)

Meaghan Dunn has been specializing in creative direction and visual storytelling since 1998. In 2001, she art directed her own show at Cartoon Network, based on her comic A Kitty Bobo Show


Born on the South Korean island of Hong-do, Meaghan Dunn has been drawing since she first had access to paper and crayons while living as child in an orphanage. Adopted at age five, she grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, inspired to begin creating comics at a very young age. She went on to study Biochemistry and Visual Communications at the University of Delaware in Newark, Animation at Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, and began self-publishing her comics while living in Berkeley, California. During her time in Berkeley, she co-founded AKASF, a Korean adoptee nonprofit with two fellow adoptees she met in the North Bay Area. It is still running today.

Dunn currently resides in Bucks County, close to where she grew up, where she is raising her 20-year-old daughter Nari. In her very limited spare time, Dunn enjoys playing guitar, ukulele and piano; creating music for cartoons; cooking Jewish and Korean specialties in her home kitchen; and dabbling in entrepreneurship. She also runs an independent punk free newspaper and continues to draw her 25-year old comic series Kimchi Girl, published exclusively in Korean Quarterly. She was also featured on the Magnolia Network home renovation show Rental Redo.


Dunn has a breadth of creative and education experience. 

  • Storyboard artist, Cartoon Network, various shows

  • A Kitty Bobo Show, Cartoon Network (2001)

  • Disney, storyboard artist

  • Creative director, Eyemaginations

  • Founder, Motion Heads/Dunnamic Animation Studio, UArts

  • First female animator, TD Bank

  • Animation educator, UArts and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia

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Awards & Accolades

Dunn’s work has been recognized numerous times. 

  • A Kitty Bobo Show, Cartoon Network (2001)

  • Winner, Amex Make Mine a Million Women Entrepreneur

  • Rutgers Keynote speaker, The New Jersey governor’s school tech talk, “Out of the Box Creative Thinking”

  • Two rounds of funding for animated patient education software Kurekare, beta-tested at Temple University, Philadelphia

  • Award nominee, Cartier Women’s Initiative


There aren’t enough hours in the day.

A figure sketch of a character that resembles Catwoman
A line drawing of a woman using chopsticks to eat kimchi with a thought bubble that reads MMMM kimchi
A cat dressed in a tan jacket and brown pants and a blue shirt wearing headphones and looking as if it's singing in front of a subway car drawn in black ink