Aaron Weber in front of a classroom

MAT '14

Art Education (MAT)

Aaron Weber MAT '14 (Visual Arts Education) is an art teacher at the Schroth School in New Jersey.

Aaron Weber acquired an undergrad degree in Photography from Rutgers University in Camden, N.J., in 2006.  Over the next several years, he found himself working as both a substitute teacher and a one-to-one aide in a variety of school settings. In 2012, he decided that being a “substitute” just wasn’t cutting it anymore and decided to apply for the MAT program at the University of the Arts and become a full-time student again.

Aaron completed the MAT in Visual Arts Education program in the Spring of 2014; a few months later, he accepted a job at the Schroth School in Ocean Township, N.J. The Schroth School serves children and young adults, aged 3-21, that have Cerebral Palsy and multiple disabilities. Every day is a challenge, and meeting the children’s needs while inspiring creativity is all part of the job.  Sharing his experiences and knowledge gained while working with his students has also become an obsession of Aaron’s, as he has presented at both the Pennsylvania Art Educator Association Conference on multiple occasions, and the National Art Educator Association Conference in New Orleans.  

Aaron hopes to continue to become a better teacher, not only for his students, but for the art education community at large through advocacy and discussion of the needs of special populations.