Jazz Studies: Instrumental Performance

Do you consider your instrument to be more than just an axe, but a true extension of yourself and your personality? If jazz or contemporary musical performance is what you want to do for a living and you're a creative and critical thinker, the Instrumental Performance program at the University of the Arts will put you on the right track to become a professional touring and recording musician, arranger, producer, or music director.

At UArts, you'll develop your individual musical voice as you learn the fundamentals through hands-on education and private lessons with our professional performing and recording artist faculty. You'll get exposure to all styles and genres of music while having the flexibility to focus on your particular niche. There are lots of opportunities for collaboration and concert performances – with other Instrumental Performance students as well as with guest performers and students in the Vocal Performance, Dance and Theater programs.

Our all-student "Z" Big Band performs often and collaborates regularly with area high school jazz bands, highlighting the music of artists like Thad Jones, Buddy Rich and Count Basie. One semester, students in the "Z" Big Band performed a concert of video game music arranged specifically for our ensemble by faculty and students. Beyond that, we offer more than 50 ensembles and countless opportunities to experiment musically in a risk-free environment.

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Arturo Stable

In the News

School of Music faculty/alum Arturo Stable MM '10 (Jazz Studies) wins Latin Grammy Award.

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Featured Student Work

Work by students in the Trombone Ensemble is featured in the Studio Spotlight (see link above). Other work by students, faculty and alumni in the program can be found at the bottom of this page.