Film + Animation

Film & Animation

In both film and animation, it's all about the moving images. Whether you create a narrative, documentary or experimental film, or a traditional, stop-motion or computer-generated animation, you work in a dynamic medium to tell the stories you feel passionate about and to express your unique, personal vision.

The Film + Animation program at the University of the Arts allows you to explore the possibilities of both disciplines. You'll learn film and animation techniques, explore various genres and styles, and create a capstone project of your choosing that combines the two areas in innovative ways. You'll also discover how your work fits into the canon of existing films and animations by studying the larger cultural, historical and aesthetic contexts of each field.

Working closely with award-winning professional filmmakers and animators – and in collaboration with your peers – Film + Animation classes are a mixture of hands-on instruction, lectures, screenings and critiques. You can take advantage of internship and study abroad opportunities, and you'll graduate with the skills to confidently pursue creative careers in both fields.