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About the School of Film

University of the Arts’ School of Film strongly believes in creative collaboration, self-expression and professional preparation through its programs in Animation, Film, Film and Animation, Film Design, Game Art, and Screenwriting.

It also offers minors in

  • Animation,
  • Film,
  • Film and Media Studies,
  • Game Art, and
  • Screenwriting.

The School of Film prepares students for careers in the film and entertainment industries via internships, networking events and an on-campus series with professional alumni. Our graduates become directors, editors, animators, game artists, cinematographers, art directors and screenwriters, working in the region and around the world. 

Beyond building your technical skills and your individual vision, UArts offers distinct opportunities to collaborate with students across the university—including actors, dancers, illustrators, composers, set and lighting designers, and other student artists, which means you’ll graduate knowing how to collaborate and communicate with other film professionals in any kind of production environment. 

More than 20 minors are open to all students, so animators can study guitar, screenwriters can minor in photography, filmmakers can take classes in illustration.

UArtists graduate prepared to make significant cultural contributions, tell stories that matter, screen their films in festivals and on platforms around the world, create work for diverse communities and public spaces, and effect social change through their self-expression.

As well as being immersed in an environment that values and nurtures creativity and the revelations that experimentation brings, you’ll have access to myriad tools and resources that will expand your creative possibilities, broaden your skill set and prepare you to work with other creative professionals in the future. 

For example, Lightbox Film Center, Philadelphia’s premier showcase for cutting-edge film, is housed at UArts. And UArts students can screen its slate of independent, underground and international films for free. 

Learn more about Lightbox. 

Additionally, the Center for Immersive Media (CIM) helps you explore and create with augmented and virtual reality, performance motion-capture, and human-computer interaction. At 5,600 square feet, CIM is the largest such facility in the region and includes

  • An optical motion-capture system for full body performance capture and location-based VR applications,
  • Multiple video projectors,
  • Lighting instruments with adjustable zoom and color,
  • A Four-channel audio system,
  • A 16-station computing classroom with PCs optimized for real-time computer graphics rendering, and
  • Two large project rooms with ceiling grids for development of installations and virtual environments.

Studying at University of the Arts’ School of Film immerses you in all the arts. We encourage you to further explore the passions you know you have and discover those you haven’t uncovered yet. Learn guitar. Take yoga, tap or both. Start a business or a website, build a stage set or make costumes, work with fibers and ceramics. 

Advance your creativity and make your mark.


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School of Film Leadership

Susan Skoog headshot
Susan Skoog

Screenwriting (BFA)
Dean, School of Film
Chris McDonnell Headshot Animation Faculty
Chris McDonnell

Animation (BFA)
Mike Attie in a brown blazer and a blue vee neck shirt standing in front of a brown wall with a projection on it
Mike Attie

Film (BFA)
Nick Embree faculty theater design and technology
Nick Embree

Erik Van Horn
Erik Van Horn

Game Art (BFA)