Express yourself through media in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Game Art program at University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

In Game Art, our media are 2-D and 3-D graphics and immersive and interactive technologies. Using the tools of game design and gamification, you can become a visionary leader in fields as diverse as city planning, medical visualization and virtual tourism.

Games are a synthesis of film, theater, graphics, music, animation and fine art skills. Because UArts students can minor in more than 30 programs, we mold fine artists capable of

  • multimedia installations in galleries;
  • visualization at the forefront of technology;
  • and the development of innovative, expressive indie games for app stores.

That kind of synthesis helped a recent UArts student work on a game that won the Independent Games Festival Award for Best Student Game.

UArts will also open a 5,600-square-foot Center for Immersive Media by 2020, with studios dedicated to motion-capture and immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality. Learn more about the Center for Immersive Media. 

And because you’re more complex than just one discipline or medium, the Game Art program lets you study what you love while also taking a minimum of 15 credits in other areas, such as audio electronics, painting or literature.

Game Art is a synthesis of storytelling, graphics, sound & music, cinema & theater, animation, and fine art skills. With its rich multidisciplinary history, UArts is the perfect environment to mold the Game Artist of the future.
— Erik Van Horn, Program Director Game Art (BFA)

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Erik Van Horn
Erik Van Horn

Game Art (BFA)
Digital Art Director, 'Magic: The Gathering'; Disney Animation Studios
Jeremy Maas headshot
Jeremy Maas

Game Art (BFA)
Designer of applications, games and experiences
Jessica Creane - UArts GameArt Faculty
Jessica Creane

Game Art (BFA)
Founder of IKantKoan Games; Author of 'Chaos Theory' theater production that blends gaming and theater
Jason Corbett

BFA '15

Member of the winning team of the Philadelphia Museum of Art's 2017 Hackathon

Sample Courses in the Game Art Major

First Year
Computer Art Studio
Drawing: Objects & Space or Object/Environment
Art History Survey I or II
Writing I Placement
Free elective (your choice)
Intro to Interface Design
Drawing: Objects & Space, Object/Environment, Video Production, Body as Form or Found & Fabricated (choose one)
Thinking Through Science
Writing II Placement
Free elective (your choice)

Second Year
Sound Design
Programming for Creatives
Intro to 3-D Animation
History of Games
Critical Studies (your choice)
Intro to 2-D Computer Animation, Illustration I: Pictorial Foundation or Figure Anatomy (choose one)
Virtual Environments
Advanced 3-D Computer Modeling & Lighting
Critical Studies (your choice)
Free elective (your choice)

Third Year
Advanced 3-D Animation
Game Concepts I
Virtual Environments II
Free elective (your choice)
Critical Studies (your choice)
Professional Practices
Game Concepts II
Discipline history (your choice)
Critical Studies (your choice)

Fourth Year
Digital Studio or Design Internship
Senior Studio I
Discipline history (your choice)
Critical Studies (your choice)
Free elective (your choice)
Senior Studio II
3-D Simulation & Effects (exlusive to our program) or Special Effects Composition (choose one)
Critcal Studies (your choice)
Free elective (your choice)

About the Curriculum

The Game Art program utilizes a cross-college, interdisciplinary framework to create skillful virtual 3-D artists who can create compelling, complex digital worlds from concept through realization. Our approach balances the development of the artist’s creative voice with in-depth, systematic, progressive technical instruction. Students are exposed to broad historical contexts in order to develop rich aesthetics that push the boundaries of imagination. By emphasizing the artistic components of immersive media creation, we are able to re-think and re-frame the visualization of game worlds and experiences.  Students will be prepared to be effective creative partners, whether serving as part of a small indie-game development team or working on a large AAA title.

Students who complete the Game Art program will demonstrate ability to

  • utilize 3-D-game development tools and systems to produce technically competent works of art; 
  • imagine and express creative, innovative, visually engaging virtual worlds and characters;
  • participate and collaborate successfully as effective members of creative development teams; and 
  • develop meaningful 3-D virtual objects, characters and worlds across a wide range of aesthetic styles, while adapting to rapid changes in industry.

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