Music Business, Entrepreneurship + Technology

Are you someone who is creative, highly motivated and resourceful? Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the music, media, arts or entertainment business? If you're looking to chart your own course instead of following the pack, then look no further than the Music Business, Entrepreneurship + Technology program at the University of the Arts.

Here at UArts, you won't just learn about things like record labels, booking agencies, event marketing and media management, you'll actually get to design, build and run your own. And you'll graduate with the ability to transfer those skills into any business setting thanks to our partnership with Peirce College, where you can take economics and finance classes. While entrepreneurship is the foundation of the MBET program, our emphasis on technology, music and business – coupled with access to the students, curriculum and professors of our 100 percent arts-based university – means you get a well-rounded education that will set you up for success. Students can also choose elective courses from throughout the University, including those in music performance, ensembles and even applied lessons.

MBET majors create and run their own music- and arts-based businesses. They sign bands and put out recordings through our record label. They create, host and market their own radio shows. And they collaborate on a daily basis with students in the Instrumental Performance and Composition programs. They work with Graphic Design majors to create album covers and promotional materials, with Photography and Film students to shoot content, and with Dance and Theater students to help create performances. They also organize concerts and other events with other local universities and work with media and event companies like Grammy U, WXPN radio, Philly Tech Week and the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy, to name a few.


In the News

MBET program launches Laurie Wagman Concert Series, featuring national touring act Lithuania and UArts student band Mother.