UArts students pose in front of mural art on campus

New Student Orientation

Your transition to UArts will be one of the most exciting and thought-provoking times of your life. We have created Orientation for new students around one simple idea—to help you transition so you will be more likely to succeed as a student-artist.

NSO will be a fun-filled and informative time for you and your fellow incoming students. At NSO, you'll learn about the university resources available that'll help you be a successful student-artist, learn strategies for navigating virtual learning and get to know your new classmates and faculty.

The UArts NSO experience is particularly exciting for students thanks to the wisdom and enthusiasm of our student staff. The First Year Guides (FYGs) are a group of our best and brightest upperclassmen who work around the clock to make the NSO experience stress-free, fun and full of useful insider information.

Be sure to save the following dates for Fall 2021 New Student Orientation:

  • Virtual Orientation: August 14-18
  • Commuter Student In Person Orientation: August 23
  • 1st and 2nd Year Residential Student Move In: August 24-25 (move in times will be assigned)
  • 1st and 2nd Year Residential Student In Person Orientation: August 26
  • Classes Begin: August 27
  • Welcome Weekend: August 28

Make sure to check your UArts email for the most up-to-date information about New Student Orientation. 

If you have any questions about the New Student Orientation schedule, please contact the Office of Campus Life at 215-717-6144 or

All newly enrolled graduate students will attend the New Graduate Student Orientation. Learn more about New Graduate Student Orientation.

New Student Orientation Fall 2020


Orientation Schedule

Virtual Orientation is scheduled for Aug. 14-18. It will consist of materials we will ask you to read and review in your online Orientation classroom and some live Zoom presentations as well as small group meetings with your Orientation group and opportunities to get to know other new students. If you cannot attend one of the live Zoom sessions, you can view it in your Orientation classroom at your convenience.  We ask that all virtual orientation materials be completed before the first day of classes on Aug 27.

In Person Orientation will consist of a campus tour, neighborhood tour, and some fun activities to help you get to know other new students. This orientation will be designed for all first and second year UArtists. 

Check back on this page in June for a more detailed Orientation schedule. 



Get ready to begin your time at UArts by completing these items before Orientation.

  • Set up your UArts email account and check it frequently for Orientation updates.
  • Upload a current photo for your Student ID by Aug 1.
  • Complete and return the Medical History, Immunization forms and Health Waiver forms by Aug 1.
  • Review and pay your  fall 2021 tuition bill.
  • Register for classes. Look for an email to your UArts account in from the Registrar’s Office for instructions on registration.
  • Create your UArts CONNECT profile so you can start to network with and get to know the rest of the UArts community.
  • Participate in Virtual Orientation starting Aug. 14. Check your UArts email for details.
  • Download the UArts app on your phone.
  • Review your program's web page to learn about your major and its academic requirements so you can be prepared for your academic advising meeting at NSO.
  • Review the JumpStart resource guide to learn about resources at UArts!
  • Get excited to be a part of UArts!

Have questions about any of these items? Contact

Review the JumpStart resource guide to get familiar with resources and support at UArts. Use this guide throughout your first year to learn what's available to you at UArts, who to contact for support, and ways you can get involved. 

Download JumpStart 2020–2021

Meet the Orientation Team

Get to know the people who are organizing Orientation. If you have questions about Orientation, resources or getting involved on campus, reach out to this team and they will help!

Kristen Burkett

Senior Director for Student Engagement

Meet Kristen

Kaitlin Manion

New Student Programming Coordinator

Meet Kaitlin

Jheri Wills

Diversity and Inclusion Programming Coordinator

Meet Jheri

Ryan Hopely

Campus & Commuter Life Coordinator

Meet Ryan

Get to know the First Year Guides (FYGs) 

FYGs welcome new students during Orientation and serve as a resource for new students while they transition to UArts. During Virtual Orientation, each new student is assigned to an Orientation group with a few other new UArts students led by a FYG. New students get to know their FYG throughout Orientation and their FYG will be there to answer questions, host virtual events and help everyone in their FYG group get connected at UArts. Get to know all of our FYGs by looking through their profiles below!

A photo of Natalie Devlin
Natalie Devlin


Dance (BFA)
A photo of Emma Ducote
Emma Ducote


Dance (BFA)
A photo of Peter Hoefler
Peter Hoefler


Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
A photo of Skylar Jeffries on a sidewalk in front of a tree
Skylar Jeffries


Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
A photo of Audrey Johnson
Audrey Johnson


Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
A photo of Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore


Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
A photo of Alexis Vautrin walking down the street
Alexis Vautrin


Dance (BFA)
A photo of Alexis Blackshere
Alexis Blackshere


Dance (BFA)
A photo of Lindsey Coffey
Lindsey Coffey


Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
A photo of Gianna DiMatteo
Gianna DiMatteo


Game Art (BFA)
A photo of Tyler Econa
Tyler Econa


Theater - Directing, Playwriting & Production (BFA)
A photo of Lucy Flippen
Lucy Flippen


Dance (BFA)
Paris Gray ’23 (Dance)
Paris NGai Gray


Dance (BFA)
A photo of Hailey Jackson
Hailey Jackson


Photography (BFA)
A photo of Ava Kepple
Ava Kepple


Theater - Directing, Playwriting & Production (BFA)
A photo of Sofia Marchese in front of the Philadelphia skyline
Sofia Marchese


Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
Kashaun McGhee ’23 (Acting)
Kashaun McGhee


Theater - Acting (BFA)
A photo of Katie Szykman smiling in front of a bush and brick wall.
Katie Szykman


Dance (BFA)
Bailee Varner ’23 (Dance)
Bailee Varner


Dance (BFA)
A photo of Isaac Finn in front of plywood with two red hearts painted on it.
Isaac Finn


Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (BS)
A photo of Nikki Hartmann and their friend in a greenhouse.
Nikki Hartmann


Animation (BFA)
A photo of Prince De León holding a plant.
Prince De León


Animation (BFA)
A photo of Nylarose Moore
Nylarose Moore


Theater - Acting (BFA)
A photo of Brenna Patzer
Brenna Patzer


Theater - Acting (BFA)
A photo of Isa Payne taking a photo with a camera.
Isa Payne


Film Design (BFA)
A photo of Kai Scott
Kai Scott


Theater - Acting (BFA)
A photo of Kaitlin Waldman standing on a pier in front of the water.
Kaitlin Waldman


Illustration (BFA)

Orientation Coordinators

A photo of Ada Fujita holding a plant.
Ada Fujita


Dance (BFA)
A photo of Orientation Coordinator Chae Harris
Chae Harris

’22 (Vocal Performance & MBET)

A photo of Kashmir Autumn Reed
Kashmir Autumn Reed


Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete Orientation?
Yes! Virtual and In Person Orientation are mandatory. Students are required to review all Virtual Orientation materials and attend all In Person Orientation sessions. If you cannot attend one of the live Zoom sessions, you can view it in your Orientation Canvas classroom at your convenience. We ask that all virtual orientation materials be completed before the first day of classes on Aug. 27. 
Is there an Orientation for parents, family or support systems? 
Yes, we are hosting a virtual orientation for parents, families and support systems. This virtual Zoom session is designed for parents, families, and student support systems to learn about campus resources that are available to students. We'll discuss the best ways they can support their students in their transition to UArts. This event is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 14 at 11 a.m. EST. Links will be provided via email. 
Do I need to sign up for Orientation or pay a fee?
No. As Orientation is mandatory for everyone, you are already "signed up." There is no additional fee for Orientation.
When will I receive my class schedule?
New students register for classes at different times depending on the program of the student and their enrollment status. Although some new students may not register until Orientation, all new students can expect to receive information from the Office of the Registrar by the end of July about registering for classes. The Office of the Registrar sends all registration information to UArts email accounts only. Be sure to check your University email account regularly.

How do I get involved with the UArts community?
Learn more about how to get involved with the UArts community by visiting the student activities and organizations page.

Student Support Systems

We believe that student support systems are vital partners to UArts in helping our students navigate their college experience, and we are excited to welcome you to our UArts community. On this page you’ll find information about our virtual orientation session designed for student support systems and you’ll learn how to stay connected to everything that’s happening at UArts.

New students check in with a First Year Guide at Orientation.

Supporting Your UArtist: Aug. 14 11 a.m. EST 
This virtual Zoom session is designed for parents, families, and student support systems to learn about university resources that are available to your students. We'll discuss the best ways you can support your student in their transition to UArts.

Your student will receive a link for the Zoom session via email, so ask them to share it with you if you’d like to attend. If you miss it, email to get a copy of a recording of the presentation.

Stay connected
Sign up to receive updates from UArts through our email newsletter for student support systems, Generations. Here, we’ll share important dates, University news, campus resource information, and advice and insight from other current UArts parents and families. 

Get to Know University Resources
Get to know the university resources available to your student by reviewing the JumpStart resource guide. In addition to listing the various offices and resources that are available to your student, there is also a helpful parent and family section with FAQs and information on supporting your student.

Get involved
Consider becoming a member of the Parent Council, a group of current and past UArts parents dedicated to advancing the University’s educational mission through fundraising and fostering awareness among all parents of the needs and programs of the school. The Council is also dedicated to expanding the career network available to UArts students and alumni.