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Online Insurance Form:


The school sponsored insurance plan is Aetna.  Students who are currently enrolled will have coverage until August 14th, 2020. Students taking 6 or more credits in the Fall wishing to re-enroll must opt-in by August 1st to avoid a lapse in coverage.

The Online Health Insurance Form is currently active. All students must access the Online Insurance Form at myuarts.uarts.edu/ahpins to either opt-into or waive the school insurance. 

Note that the school insurance fee is automatically added to each student’s bill until they provide proof of personal insurance at the Online Insurance Link. This must be done no later than 9/14/2020. The cost for the 2020-2021 year is $4,031.00.

For more information on the school plan, including cost, please see the section on the School-Sponsored Plan (below) and/or visit http://uarts.myahpcare.com/.



August 1st: We strongly recommend that students complete the online insurance form by August 1st. 

(Note: Students who are currently enrolled in the school plan MUST complete the form by this date in order to continue coverage without a lapse.)

September 14th: The absolute last day to complete the Online Insurance Form (including waiving the school insurance fee) or to make changes to your preference. 

Following 9/14/20 eligible students who have not submitted proof of insurance will be enrolled in the school plan and responsible for the insurance fee: no exceptions, credits or refunds will be honored beyond this date.

It is a University of the Arts policy that all full-time, matriculated students taking 6 or more credits in the Fall/Spring carry health insurance with major medical coverage and submit proof of this coverage via online form.


Waiving the Insurance Fee:

Students submit proof of personal insurance online at myuarts.uarts.edu/ahpins in order to remove the insurance fee from the tuition bill*.


The entire process should take only a few minutes and the student will need a copy of their insurance card. Afterwards the student will receive a confirmation email in their UArts email account. Once the waiver is completed Student Financial Services will issue an updated tuition bill in 1-2 weeks. For billing questions please contact SFS at 215.717.6150.

To find out if your insurance is accepted in the Philadelphia area: Please refer to the website for your personal insurance company. Most will have a “Find a Doctor” or “Search for a Doctor” tool available which will show a list of eligible resources in a given area. The zip code for UArts is 19102.

School-Sponsored Insurance Plan:



Please Note: The School-Sponsored Insurance does not impact a student’s ability to utilize health services while attending UArts. All current students are welcome to visit the Health Office which remains free of charge.

The school-sponsored insurance plan is simply an option available to enrolled students who meet the guidelines for eligibility. Insurance is offered at a discounted student rate through an outside insurance company (for the 20/21 year the carrier is Aetna) and enrollment is facilitated through UArts. Please read below for details on enrollment and the plan.

To Enroll:

Beginning May 4th, 2020 students will have the ability to  confirm their enrollment in the school-based Aetna plan by visiting myuarts.uarts.edu/ahpins.

IMPORTANT DEADLINES: To begin coverage right away on August 15th, students must confirm at myuarts.uarts.edu/ahpins by August 1st, 2020. 

Health Services can continue to process enrollments from 8/2 through 9/14, however, due to processing times there is approximately a two week period between enrollment and coverage for those who do not confirm prior to 8/1.

Important: Students currently on the school plan who wish to re-enroll must do so by August 1st to avoid a lapse in insurance coverage.

2020/2021 Plan Information:


Please note that the school plan for the 2020/2021 year will be Aetna, the same as the previous year. Insurance cards are digital and information on accessing your digital card will be emailed to your UArts account shortly after enrolling. 

Insurance Company: Aetna

Cost: $4,031 for the entire year.  Note: The fee is added to the tuition bill.

Coverage Start/End Dates: Fall Coverage is from 8/15/20* until 8/14/21  (*students must opt-in by 8/1 to begin coverage by this date); Spring Coverage is 1/1/21* until 8/14/21 (*students must opt-in by 12/1/19 to begin coverage by this date).

Coverage Details: To learn more about what is covered under the policy please visit uarts.myahpcare.com. Specifically, under the “Benefits” tab look for the plan summary and the brochure.

If you have questions regarding health insurance please contact Health Services at 215.717.6652. Questions regarding University billing may be directed to Student Financial Services at 215.717.6170.

Aetna Student Health Website


To access your insurance website where you can manage your healthcare, search for doctors, view claims and download your card please visit: aetnastudenthealth.com and select “University of the Arts” from the drop-down menu.

How to access your Aetna Digital ID Card:

Students who are enrolled can visit uarts.myahpcare.com and click the link at the top of the page to access their digital ID cards.

Troubleshooting Aetna ID Cards/Mobile App:

If you encounter any issues while accessing your insurance card or while using the Aetna site or technology please contact Aetna Customer Service Number at (877) 480-4161 for assistance.