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Jumpstart your career in the arts.

There is no more meaningful work than creating community, sculpting society, and making your mark

Did you know that the arts and culture sector contributes more than $800 billion to the U.S. economy, and creativity is now one of the most desirable skills for organizations of all kinds? That means you can make a living doing what you love!

About UArts


University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, prepares innovative, visionary artists for success in any field. In their careers, creative professionals work closely with those in other disciplines and fields every day. They learn to integrate their talent and passion into their work and our world, collaborating, creating, producing and performing with other inventive thinkers working in different media.

Because professional collaboration is the foundation of creative careers, UArts makes it possible for you to work across traditional boundaries, making you a stronger, more flexible and skilled artist who leaves school understanding not only how to make good art, but also how to build community, tell stories, effect change, solve problems, perform, lead, design, communicate and much, much more.

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Areas of Study


For nearly 150 years, UArts has inspired, challenged and supported generations of groundbreaking artists, performers, designers and creative leaders. At UArts, students graduate as agile and professional artists, poised for the holistic creativity the world now demands.

You’ll come to UArts with a passion. Your major will determine your area of focus for the next four years—what you study deeply, the skills you refine and the artistic risks you take under the guidance of expert faculty and visiting artists.

You know how you have that favorite class in high school, like art or writing? Imagine that great feeling of being curious, engaged and excited happening every day, all day long, while being surrounded by students, faculty and staff who are as enthusiastic about the arts as you are.

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Life at UArts


Outside the classroom and studio, your time at UArts will be defined by the community you become a part of as soon as you arrive. For many students, that starts with campus clubs—everything from gaming to peer education to social justice and advocacy work. Build and deepen your relationships through enriching, fun activities, whether that’s taking on a new creative pursuit like producing an art zine or joining an identity- based association like the African Diaspora Collective, That Queer Club, the Korean Association and others. 

Attend a film screening, or take the stage at an open mic night. Join the cast of a murder mystery, dance at a glow party, run for student government, celebrate holidays, watch movies, eat late-night snacks, share your artisan goods at an on-campus art market and much more. 

Student Experience

From campus events to urban adventures students experience UArts’ close knit community and Philadelphia's vibrant cultural scene.

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Activities & Organizations

Being involved in campus life is a great way to enhance friendships, make new connections, and build a community on campus.

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Life in Philly

Philadelphia is one of the most vibrant cities in the U.S.—and UArts resides at its cultural heart. With its booming arts and culture economy, Center City is home to theaters, galleries, performance venues, dance and theater companies, creative agencies, boutiques, and much more.

infographic of philadelphia statistics, detailing the number of parks, performance venues, historical landmarks, museums. From the top left: 226 performance venues and 9 on campus, 150 parks, 99 museums, 3600 murals, 137 historical landmarks, 162 galleries, 11 galleries on campus, 156 design studios, 4000 nonprofit organizations, 65 miles of bike trails, 3000 plus places to eat.

Philadelphia & UArts

Discover an education where culture and classwork are intrinsically linked.

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Student Work

You’ll learn a lot (and we mean A LOT) at UArts: You’ll sharpen your self-expression. You’ll explore new methods and use new tools and find new friends, culture and the adventure that lies in living in Philadelphia. You’ll find a new home in our community of creators.

But whether you’re a performer or a visual artist or a writer or a filmmaker or a designer, the most important thing you’ll do is create and explore and experiment, find the media you love, and make your art—no matter the medium—in our dozens of studios.

Check out some of the recent work by UArts Unicorns.

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Connect with UArts


No matter where you are in life, there is a place for you at UArts. Whether you’re just beginning high school or looking to transfer to a new institution, connect with us to get to know our creative community.

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Whether you’re ready to submit an application or just starting to learn about UArts, connect with us. UArts offers a range of ways to visit, from campus tours and virtual visits, to sessions with UArts faculty and representatives.

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Our Admissions Counselors will help you start your journey at UArts.

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Applying & Financial Aid


Join our vibrant, vital community of unconventional thinkers, doers and dreamers.

UArts operates on a rolling admission basis, which means we receive and process applications throughout the year as space remains available in each program. 

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Portfolio & Audition Information

When you apply to University of the Arts, you must audition, submit a portfolio or complete an interview depending on the area of study.

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Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships

All UArts students are considered for scholarships at the time of admission. No special application is required.

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Contact Admissions

Questions? The Admissions team is here to answer any questions you might have about the application process, our programs or life at UArts. 

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Advancing Creative Space


Recently, University of the Arts has opened new spaces and launched programs that create future-facing opportunities for students to gain new and emerging skills and bring new techniques and perspectives to their practices.

Center for Immersive Media (CIM)

The largest regional facility of its kind, the Center for Immersive Media (CIM) features studio and classroom space dedicated to the fields of virtual and mixed reality, performance motion-capture, and human-computer interaction. Student artists across disciplines can learn how to apply their talent to today’s technology.

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Laurie Wagman Recording Studios

Musicians will find everything they need in the state-of-the-art Laurie Wagman Recording Studios, which are dedicated to exploring all facets of music production including composition, sound design, digital and analog recording, mixing, and mastering.

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Philadelphia Art Alliance at UArts

Housed in one of the first multidisciplinary art spaces in the U.S.—is a historic building reconfigured for tomorrow’s artists, with exhibition and learning spaces that encourage collaboration, experimentation and imaginative expression.

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Lightbox Film Center

Philadelphia’s premier exhibitor of cutting-edge and avant-garde film and moving image art, is housed at UArts. Lightbox screenings are free for UArts students.

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Take classes for no extra cost at Thomas Jefferson University

A Philadelphia-based institution that focuses on creativity, the sciences and liberal arts. Through our partnership with Jefferson, students can explore how, where and why art, science and the human experience intersect.

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