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You’ll learn a lot (and we mean A LOT) at UArts: You’ll sharpen your self-expression. You’ll explore new methods and use new tools and find new friends, culture and the adventure that lies in living in Philadelphia. You’ll find a new home in our community of creators.

But whether you’re a performer or a visual artist or a writer or a filmmaker or a designer, the most important thing you’ll do is create and explore and experiment, find the media you love, and make your art—no matter the medium—in our dozens of studios.

Check out some of the recent work by UArts Unicorns.

Listen, every school is gonna tell you they’re the best choice for you. About how it’s the best city for the best reasons, blah, blah, blah. I’m not here to tell you what to do ... I am here to tell you that I have found so much joy and so many connections and intellectual/silly/brilliant friends at UArts. I am here to tell you that the experiences have been worth the work, and the work has always been rewarding.
— Z Murphy ’24
“I had the opportunity to become the first non-Dance major head coach of the Royals Band Dance Line. At the same time, I was a Screenwriting minor with a focus on film, NAACP president, DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility) Committee member and short story editor of UArts’ 2022 edition of Underground Pool, a literary journal. My experience at UArts pushed my boundaries for greater horizons as I committed myself to the things important to me. It brought me to my best self, but also made me a greater artist—professional, determined and forever creative.
— Sara Coleman ’23
Literally just being in an environment and being able to interact with such talented and intellectual writers (both students and professors) is one of the most inspiring and educational takeaways from UArts.
— Jay Smith ’24
Positive things about UArts for sure have to be the people and the fact that you just immediately start taking classes centered around your major.
— Bria Parks ’25

Be Thyself

Be Thyself by Daniel Rosendale ’23 (Film). 

[The] best part of UArts was meeting and getting to learn from my really talented peers.
— Lee Steckel ’23

Nico Bryant ’23 (Music Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology)

“Manifesto (Live in Philadelphia),” recorded live at Caplan Recital Hall at UArts 

[UArts] has so many different majors that easily commingle at residence hall functions, talent shows and student-led clubs and organizations (i.e., the UArts Jewish Student Alliance, the UArts Ball Club, UArts Ballet Ensemble, the Student Union, the Black Student Union, etc., etc.) and can easily be accessed through a plethora of QR-code-covered flyers spread across UArts’ three main class buildings. Collaboration and communities are always right around the corner ... Don't be afraid to talk to students in other majors. Y'all have a lot more in common than you think. Just because someone can do a moonwalk doesn't mean they don't want to talk about animation.
— Z Murphy ’24
Participating in the Polyphone Festival of New Musicals was an experience I will never forget and would not have gotten if I went anywhere else. The chance to work with industry professionals on new work provided me with so many new perspectives and opportunities, both creatively and professionally.
— Gio Coppola ’25