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Pre-College Alumni

Pre-College alumni: where are they now?

UArts Pre-College educates young artists, designers, writers, and performers through challenging courses and immersive programs. By fostering artistic exploration and critical inquiry, Pre-College emboldens high school students to think creatively and collaboratively, as artists and innovators. 

Pre-College students frequently fall in love with UArts and decide to pursue their undergraduate studies here. Many individuals who began their creative journey in Pre-College now lead successful professional careers in the arts. 

Isabel Rose Catalan, Creative Writing Major
Isabel Rose Catalan

Summer Institute ’20

Creative Writing (BFA)
"The Summer Institute Creative Writing program was a reminder that I was and remain on the path where I feel most myself."
Acting (BFA) student and Pre-College alum Francesca Morella stands in front of a brick wall
Francesca Morella

Summer Institute Theater ’20, Saturday School ’19

Theater - Acting (BFA)
"The program not only showed me the school, but introduced me to a wonderful community of artists who want to help each other grow."
Chenoa Yelle, Pre-College Summer Institute Alum and Acting (BFA) student
Chenoa Yelle

Summer Institute Theater ’19

Theater - Acting (BFA)
"The feeling of being surrounded by peers and professionals who shared my enthusiasm and desire to create art was overwhelmingly positive for my wellbeing and creative ability."
Lizzy O'Donnell
Liz O'Donnell

BFA '17; Saturday School '12, '13; Summer Institute '12

Illustration (BFA)
“Summer Institute changed my entire life. It may sound hyperbolic…but it’s true.”
UArts Pre-College: Alumnus William Robinson
William Robinson

BFA ’08; Summer Institute, ‘02, ‘03

Dance (BFA)
“I am grateful to have a wonderful career that would not have been possible without my Pre-College experience.”
UArts Pre-College: Alumna Siobhan Vivian
Siobhan Vivian

BFA ’01; Summer Institute, ‘96

Screenwriting (BFA)
“Summer Institute was the most transformative experience of my life.”
UArts Pre-College: Alumnus Martin Brown
Martin Brown

MA, ’05;​​​​​​​ BMus, ’04; Summer Institute, ‘98, ‘00 

Music - Instrumental Performance (BM)
“You can make something happen here.”
UArts Pre-College: Alumna Clare O'Malley
Clare O'Malley

BFA, '10; Summer Institute, ‘05

Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
“When I arrived at UArts, I knew immediately…this was where I wanted to be.”
UArts Pre-College Alumni Beth Beverly
Beth Beverly

Saturday School, ‘95, ‘96

“The Pre-College experience is precious to me and now I have come full circle through exhibitions and teaching at the University.”
UArts Pre-College Alumni: Kevin Sun
Kevin Sun

Summer Institute, ‘07, ‘08

“Summer Institute shaped who I am as a musician and has influenced the way I approach nearly everything I do.”
UArts Pre-College Alumni: Nicole Wasserman
Nicole Wasserman

Summer Institute, ’98, ‘99

“Summer Institute was a pivotal experience that influenced my decision to pursue a career in dance.”
UArts Pre-College Alumni: Jovan Ellis
Jovan Ellis

Summer Institute, '08

“My Pre-College experience helped me develop the core skills to pursue my interests and make smart choices about my education.”
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Pre-College aspires to create innovative learning experiences that encourage elementary through high school students to develop a meaningful and consequential engagement with the arts. Our programs support the cultivation of curiosity, critical thinking, and creative exploration in young learners. We strive to provide equitable access to these programs for deserving students regardless of financial status. Join us in our commitment to inspiring, educating, and preparing young artists for creative leadership. Please consider making a meaningful contribution to support youth art education.
Experiencing an adult, collegiate environment had an enormous impact on me.
— Beth Beverly, Pre-College Saturday School '95 & '96


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