Chenoa Yelle, Pre-College Summer Institute Alum and Acting (BFA) student

Summer Institute Theater ’19

Theater - Acting (BFA)

The feeling of being surrounded by peers and professionals who shared my enthusiasm and desire to create art was overwhelmingly positive for my wellbeing and creative ability. The amount of growth I felt in my artistry and personal identity was truly empowering.


Summer Institute Theater ’19
Acting (BFA) ’25

Since Chenoa was seven years old, the world of Theater has amazed and inspired her every single day without fail. She has been performing since she was ten years old at various studios that include Appel Farm Arts and Music Center, Mainstage Center for the Arts and Arthur P. Schalick High School Theatre Academy. Through many years of experience, she discovered that her favorite part the craft is the endless creative opportunities and possibilities. Devised and immersive Theater are some of her favorite types of Theater to experience since there is no set formula to follow in the creative process. Chenoa believes that being a great performer is not about losing yourself in a piece, but is actually the act of finding yourself within the world created. Soon after attending UArts Pre-College Summer Institute, the COVID-19 outbreak completely halted the production world. Chenoa has since learned that not only is the Theater industry about putting your best foot forward, but also being persistent and flexible when times are tough or uncertain. Being able to collaborate with peers, professionals and artists in a close community is an experience she will never take for granted.

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