Acting (BFA) student and Pre-College alum Francesca Morella stands in front of a brick wall

Summer Institute Theater ’20, Saturday School ’19

Theater - Acting (BFA)

The program not only showed me the school, but introduced me to a wonderful community of artists who want to help each other grow.

Summer Institute Theater ’20
Saturday School ’19
Acting (BFA) ’25

Francesca is an artist who takes pride in having a very diverse set of artistic skills and practices. In fall of 2019, she took Saturday School Acting classes at UArts, and later in 2020, came back for the Summer Institute Theater intensive. While she is an acting major and working towards making it her career, she is also a small business owner who makes and sells backpacks. Francesca chose UArts because she doesn’t need to limit herself to one art form when she is here. She is free to take classes outside of her major, and continue working on her business with the help of the resources the campus offers.

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