Summer Institute Policies

Admission Policy

The UArts Pre-College Summer Institute attracts students from around the world. The admissions process is intended to determine if an applicant will succeed in the program. High school students ages 16 and older may apply as commuter or residential students. Students under the age of 16 at the time of the program start date may apply as commuter students. Admitted students who are 15 years of age at the start of Summer Institute may petition to live on campus after they are admitted. A petition will be provided on your Decision Reply Form. Please wait to submit your enrollment deposit until after a decision has been made regarding your petition. If you have questions about this process, contact

University of the Arts gives equal consideration to all applicants for admission. UArts is a supportive community committed to integrity and inclusion. We promote and respect self-expression, a wide range of ideas, and diversity in all of its forms. UArts expressly prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, mental or physical disability, or any other protected classification in accordance with Federal, state, and local nondiscrimination and equal opportunity laws. 

Course Cancellations

University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute reserves the right to cancel classes or change faculty; we make every effort to accommodate students should such an event occur. 

Tuition Discounts & Scholarships

Students are eligible to receive only one UArts discount or scholarship. UArts discounts cannot be combined with UArts scholarships. Discounts and scholarships are non-transferable to other students or semesters and are applied to tuition cost only (not to program fees, housing, or meal costs). Please be sure to enter the discount and scholarship information where indicated on the application. UArts Discounts and scholarships must be noted on the application; no refunds will be issued retroactively to correct overpayment.


Child of Alumni Discount
Children of UArts, PCPA or PCAD alum are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition only. The parent must list the school, major studied, and year of graduation on the application form.

Returning Student Discount
If a student has participated in a prior Pre-College Summer Institute or Saturday School program at the University of the Arts, they are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition only. Please select this option on the application.  

Scholarships are awarded based on demonstration of creative potential and financial need. Scholarships require additional application materials and are competitive. Scholarships can be applied to tuition only, and cannot be combined with any other discount.  

Expense Breakdown

Art, Media & Design; Creative Writing; Filmmaking; Music; Music Composition & Songwriting; Music Industry; Screenwriting; Theater
Tuition: $3,400
Program fee: $150
Housing and meals: $1,500

Commuter total: $3,550
Residential total: $5,050

Tuition: $2,800
Program fee: $150
Housing and meals: $1,500

Commuter total: $2,950
Residential total: $4,450

Billing & Payment Schedule

Summer Institute applicants receive a confirmation email once their application has been submitted. Applicants receive an admission decision, course registration notification, and instructions on submitting a deposit within three weeks of submitting an application.

Payments for balances are due in full on June 1, 2024.

All bills are issued electronically via Student Self Service and payable through Nelnet Campus Commerce. You will not receive a paper bill in the mail.

Accessing Your Bill & Making Payments

To access billing (Nelnet), you will

  • log in to the UArts student portal using your UArts student credentials and click on Self-Service in the Student Quick Links card.

  • Once Self-Service opens you will click on the Student Finance tab.

  • At the top of the Student Finance page you will see links. Select the middle link, Student Finance, and then select Manage Payment Plans & Refunds from the drop down menu. Click Proceed to Processor.

  • This will take you to Nelnet, our billing and payment platform. If it is your first time logging into Nelnet, you will be prompted to complete some additional steps to set up your Nelnet account. 

  • Once you’re on the Nelnet page, look under Payment Plan & Billing to Make a Payment or Set Up a Payment Plan

Our office also accepts mailed checks. You can mail checks with the student’s name in the memo to:
University of the Arts
Student Financial Services
320 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Adding Authorized Users to Your Account in Nelnet
On the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen click My Profile. Click Add in the Manage Payers section. 

International Students
International students can make payments through wire transfer. Please download the Wire Transfer Instructions (PDF) to view specific information.

Late Payments & Fees

Balances paid after June 1, 2024, will not be accepted in the form of a personal check. Late payments will incur a $60 late payment fee. Returned checks will incur a $50 fee.

Automatic Student Withdrawal

Students with outstanding balances will be automatically withdrawn from the program on June 8, 2024. Nonrefundable deposits and fees will be retained. 


Students are expected to attend all classes, for the duration of the program. Missing a class, unexcused, counts as a strike. Students who miss three or more classes may not be eligible to receive credit for the program and may be academically dismissed. If a commuter student is unable to attend classes, the student’s parent or guardian must contact Pre-College Programs to excuse the student. Residential students must report to Health Services if they are ill. 

In the event that a residential student tests positive for COVID, they will be moved to an isolation room while arrangements are made with the family to pick up the student. In the event that a commuter student tests positive, they will be required to return home. Students who test positive for COVID are required to isolate for 5 days, and so, given the extensive absences they are not able to continue in the program. Refunds are not available after the program has started. 

Non-Resident Student Policy

It is the presumption of the Pre-College Summer Institute that all non-residential students will be living at home under the supervision of their parents/guardians for the duration of their UArts experience. If the student is planning on living at the home of someone other than a parent or guardian, this information must be included on emergency contact paperwork required of accepted students.

Academic Information

College Credit
Students who successfully complete a Summer Institute program are granted 3 college credits. 

Student Schedules
Please review individual program descriptions for more information about the length of a typical day in the program. Students receive a personal schedule upon check-in at the Pre-College Summer Institute. It is difficult to make changes to a student’s schedule after registration, but written requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. No course changes can be made after the start of the program. All students are required to participate fully in their program, with no options for partial days or courses.

Assessment & Grading
Students enrolled in a Summer Institute program receive a letter grade and 3 college credits upon successful completion of the program. Written assessments from instructors and grades are emailed out in September.  

Student Code of Conduct


Parents/Guardians and students will be invited to attend a virtual orientation prior to the start of the Pre-College Program. The purpose of this orientation is to introduce the Pre-College Program and to review conduct expectations.

Additionally, students will attend an in-person orientation once they arrive on campus where policies and procedures will be discussed and reviewed in detail.

Student Code of Conduct

The Pre-College Programs work to provide a safe and healthy environment for learning, artistic and personal growth, in a partially supervised community. Moreover, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment in which all students are able to access academic, social, recreational programs and services in an equitable and nondiscriminatory basis. As this is a college-level program, students are expected to behave accordingly, which demands regular class attendance, respect of personal and University property as well as the rights of students, faculty, and staff. All students are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct and University policies regardless of whether they are on campus or not during the time of the infraction. The Student Code of Conduct also applies to violations of local, state, and/or federal laws. Prior to arrival on campus, students and parents are required to read and confirm acknowledgment of the Student Code of Conduct.

Violation of the Student Code of Conduct will be addressed by the division of Student Affairs and could, based on the nature of the infraction, include automatic dismissal from the program.

The well-being of this community depends upon the good judgment and considerate behavior of its members. Student status at the University of the Arts is not an unconditional right, but a privilege subject to certain rules and expectations articulated in the Code of Conduct and University policies. Students are required to attend all courses unless they are ill and can provide Pre-College Programs with notification from UArts’ Health Services, treating physician or have a written excuse from a parent or guardian.

The Student Code of Conduct includes a “three strikes policy” for most offenses for both residential and commuter students participating in the programs. Offenses include those that occur in the classroom, in the residence halls, and even off campus or online if the University’s administration is made aware of them. On the first offense, a University official will warn a student; on the second, the University will place the student on probation and limit privileges; on the third offense, the University will dismiss the student from the program. Based on the nature of the violation, the University may immediately dismiss a student from the program based on their first or second offense. At any time, the university reserves the right to contact parents or guardians regarding the behavior of a student.

At the discretion of the University’s administration, students will be removed from the program if they are deemed by the University to be disruptive or harmful to the welfare of the community and/or themselves, regardless of the “three strikes” policy. Engagement in any illegal activities, threats or acts of violence, or any other offense deemed a major infraction of University policy by the University administration, including the possession or use of illegal substances, drugs, paraphernalia, or alcohol, will result in immediate dismissal from the program. 

Prohibited behavior at the University of the Arts includes, but is not limited to, the following

  • Academic dishonesty or misconduct including, but not limited to, cheating and plagiarism

  • Non-academic dishonesty, including, but not limited to, theft, attempted theft, possession of stolen property, forgery and falsification of information provided to any University official

  • Conduct that threatens the physical or psychological health and/or safety of any person (including the person committing the act) or the sanctity of the campus, including, but not limited to, physical assault

  • Conduct that includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and other forms of sexual misconduct

  • Violation of the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy and Grievance Procedure Under Title IX Violation of the University’s Discrimination, Harassment and Misconduct Policy.

  • Damage to public, private, personal or University property

  • Violation of policies as described in the Student Handbook and the University Catalog and all other rules governing University facilities, programs, and services

  • Intentional obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, other University activities or activities authorized to take place on University property

  • Disorderly conduct including acts that breach the peace

  • Non-compliance with the directions of University, local, state or federal officials performing official duties, including failure to give proper identification when requested

  • Violation of a student’s rights or privileges and verbal or written harassment, discrimination, abuse and/or disrespect of any person

  • Violation of the statutes, laws, ordinances and/ or regulations of the City of Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (or other states, when applicable) and the United States of America

Dismissed students are ineligible for refunds on tuition, housing or meals and are responsible for any and all expenses associated with the dismissal. 

Parents are responsible for removing their discharged student from the University campus immediately upon notification of dismissal. Dismissed students will not receive a certificate of completion, an assessment of their experience, a grade (if applicable) or a copy of program work (if applicable). Additionally, dismissed students forfeit the right to participate in future Pre-College programs at the University of the Arts or to attend any event or activity located on campus for the duration of the Pre-College Summer Institute program.

Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment

The University of the Arts is committed to providing a safe and harassment-free environment for students, employees and visitors. Discrimination based on age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, veteran status, and family medical or genetic information, is prohibited in its programs and activities. Sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner/dating violence, and other forms of sexual misconduct are considered forms of sex-based discrimination and are prohibited by University policy and by law. The University will take prompt action when it becomes aware of reported discriminatory conduct which may include the removal of a student when there is an immediate safety concern.

For more information about the University's response to incidents of sexual misconduct, please visit To make a report of sexual misconduct or discriminatory conduct, contact the University's Title IX Coordinator, Diana L. Moro, J.D., at or concerns may be reported at 

Parents and students will be asked to confirm their acknowledgment of these policies in writing upon enrollment into the program. Pre-College policies will be discussed at Orientation and at resident floor meetings. 

Weekend Release Policy

For the safety of the campus and students, Pre-College residential students are not permitted to stay off-campus overnight during the weekends or at any other time during the Summer Institute. All students must check-in to their assigned Residence Hall each night by 10 p.m. curfew. If there is an extenuating circumstance or emergency, a formal request for overnight release must be made in writing via email to the Director of the Pre-College Programs at least 48 hours prior to the release date. In the case that weekend release is granted by the Director of Pre-College, parent/guardian and student must fill out a Weekend Release form (provided by the Director) and must comply with all procedures put forth by Pre-College and the division of Student Affairs.

Refund Policy

Students who are dismissed from the program will not be refunded tuition, housing and meals, deposits or fees. Students who wish to withdraw for any reason must submit their request in writing by email to

The date the request is received in writing is the date used to calculate the refund amount. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive a response to withdrawal requests.

All refunds are less nonrefundable program fees, deposit and housing and meals (if applicable).

Refunds are calculated as follows:

  • 100% refund on tuition for withdrawal one month prior to the first class (written withdrawal must be received on or before June 8, 2024).

  • 80% refund on tuition for withdrawal one week prior to the first class (written withdrawal must be received no later than July, 1 2024).

  • No refunds will be issued if withdrawal is less than seven days prior to the first class. Students who are dismissed from the program will not be refunded tuition, housing, meals or deposits.  


Successful completion of a Summer Institute program grants high school-aged participants 3 college credits. Requests for official transcripts (both paper & digital) are processed by the Registrar's Office via an online form.  Please note, there is a fee to process this request.  

Request a transcript.

If you have additional questions regarding your student records after the conclusion of the program, please contact the Registrar's office at

This is not a contractual document. The University of the Arts reserves the right to change any curricular offering, policy, faculty assignment, or financial regulation described on this website. 


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