Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022

Through a community-led, strategic planning process we have defined our shared priorities and a vision for the future of UArts. Through diligent and hard work of many faculty, staff, students, alumni, senior leaders and board representatives over several months, we have revisited our Mission Statement, identified strategic goals and objectives, and shared in critical dialogue that will chart the course of the University's progress over the next several years. We invite you to explore our plan by downloading it below.

UArts Strategic Plan 2019-2022 | Advancing Human Creativity

Explore the new Mission Statement, strategic goals and objectives that will chart the next chapter of the University's legacy.

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Join us

Join us for a community-led, strategic planning process to define shared priorities and a vision for the future of UArts. The purpose of our conversations is to foster options, possibilities, ideas and questions. We will discuss the conditions we find at UArts and will propose a future ideal state that we would like to achieve. Join the conversation with an open mind and a sharp intellect. Be willing to think and analyze a situation from various points of view. Be willing to think of all the opportunities that will answer the question of "how do we get there?" 

The Timeline

This is a running timeline which will be continually updated.

Spring 2019












New Mission Statement Submitted to MSCHE
In March of 2019, once all internal approvals are received, the University will submit the new mission statement to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for final approval.

Implementation Planning Work Begins
The president together with his council will create and lead an Implementation Plan.

New Mission Statement and Strategic Plan Presented at Town Hall
On February 6, 2019, President David Yager will present the Strategic Plan and new Mission Statement to the University community.

Board Approves New Mission Statement
In January 2019, the Board approved the new mission statement.

Revised Mission Statement Submitted to Board
In January 2019, President Yager submitted the revised Mission Statement to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Fall 2018


















Strategic Planning Committee Work
- December: Strategic Plan draft presented to President's Council by Strategic Planning Co-Chairs, Erin Elman & Shelton Walker
- Nov 26: Steering Committee Meeting & President's Council Meeting
    view agenda
    view minutes
- Nov 16: Steering Committee Meeting
    view agenda
    view minutes
- Nov 2: All Committee Meeting
    view agenda
    view groupings
    view notes 
- Oct 30: Alumni & Student Intake Session
    view minutes
- Oct 26: Steering Committee Meeting
    view minutes
- Oct 25: Mission Conversation with President's Council 
- Oct 19: Steering Committee Meeting
    view agenda
    view minutes
- Sept 28: All Committee Meeting on Revisioning Mission Statement
    view agenda | view facilitator bio  
    group 1 minutes
    group 2 minutes
    group 3 minutes 
- Sept 21: Steering Committee meets
    view agenda | view Timeline & Schedule of Meetings
    view minutes

Summer 2018





Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Retreat Held Sept. 4

President Convenes & Charges Committee:
- Review call for nominations & charge to committee
- Strategic Planning Committee (view list of members) and
- Strategic Planning Steering Committee (view list of members)
- First Strategic Planning Committee Meeting is held Aug. 24 (view Kick-Off Slides)

Spring 2018








5 Strategic Goals Identified
President shares goals at Town Hall Meeting

Alumni Council Listening Session & Intake Discussion
April 18, 2018

On April 18, the Provost and members of senior staff engaged the new Alumni Council in a strategic planning listening session to brainstorm the best way to involve alumni in the process. First, an update on the strategic planning process was provided and the shared priorities as surface by faculty and staff reviewed and discussed. The alumni council considered the pros and cons of different outreach formats, but ultimately recommended that a formal alumni focus group be convened and engaged in a focus group session and retreat.

Winter 2018














Live Polling at School Convocations 
Jan & Feb 2018

As a first point of engagement for students, live polling sessions have been conducted at all of the opening meetings and school convocations across the university: 

School of Theater, January 17  | View Results
School of Music, January 17  |  View Results
School of Dance, January 24  |  View Results
School of Art, January 24  |  View Results
Creative Writing, January 25  |  View Results
School of Design, March 1  |  View Results
School of Film, February 14  |  View Results
Core Studies, February 20  | View Results

>> View Summary of all Student Polling Sessions

The survey reflects the shared priorities as forwarded by the faculty and staff during the day of Strategic Conversations, and students are engaged in real time - aggregate responses were shared and discussed as they were submitted. Students were pointed to this webpage to follow the results of their peers in other schools.

Fall 2017














Day of Strategic Conversations 
Oct. 2017

On Friday, October 27, 2017, over 100 faculty and staff from across the university gathered for a day of strategic conversations to consider two primary issues:

How does the university become the place of choice?
What do we need to do-- what changes to make-- to get there?


Our Shared Priorities
as surfaced from Strategic Conversations:

• Improving physical spaces and facilities to support student success
• Improving our communication both internally and externally
• Designing flexible programs that evolve with changes in creative industries
• Preparing students for successful, creative lives

Learn More:

>> Read the complete executive summary
>> Visit the Strategic Conversations event webpage

Summer 2017

Administrative planning for new strategic plan begins



Core Values Identified 
Board of Trustees, faculty and staff engaged in identifying the Core Values of UArts

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