Advising Center

The Advising Center provides academic advising, tutoring and other programs and resources to help students succeed academically at the University.

To make an advising or tutoring appointment, call 215-717-6818, email or stop by the Advising Center in Pine Hall, M-F, 9-5.

Welcome New Students!
The Advising Center would like to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about first-year registration. Please don't hesitate to contact us! For your convenience, we have provided the links to the registration instructions directly below.

Registration instruction pages for each College/School:

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Welcome once again! We look forward to seeing all of you with the start of new academic school year.


Throughout their UArts experience, students will receive guidance from faculty advisors in their programs and by staff advisors in the Advising Center. Academic advisors in the Center help students make a successful transition to college and explore academic options, including major, minors, internships, and study abroad. First-Year students in CAMD meet with an academic advisor before declaring their major. Senior students receive graduation planning advising before the start of, and throughout, their final year before graduation.

During the Advising period--Oct 24 thru Nov 4 in Fall 2016--first year students in CAMD meet with their academic advisors in the Center and their faculty advisors. Students in CPA, Liberal Arts, and in major programs in CAMD, meet with their faculty advisors but may also meet with an academic advisor at anytime during the Advising or Registration period for additional advising.

The Advising Center also offers specialized services and conducts targeted outreach to students who are academically at-risk or on academic probation. In coordination with International Student Programs, the Center provides comprehensive ESL tutoring and academic support to students for whom English is a second language. Students with documented disabilities or learning differences may also be referred to us for academic support.

Tutoring is available at no charge to all students to supplement their classroom and studio instruction. Tutors can help students to improve their skills in writing, reading, ESL, and other academic and studio areas, including successful classroom strategies and study habits. Students may schedule appointments for advising or tutoring by calling, emailing, or visiting the Center.

Academic Achievement Program
The Academic Achievement Program serves talented student artists, designers and performers at The University of the Arts. Our programs and specialized support services will enhance students' academic and artistic achievement, advance their progress toward degree, and sustain their professional careers.  Students admitted to the University of the Arts are invited to participate in the Academic Achievement Program (AAP) if they would benefit from additional assistance in meeting academic or cultural challenges that might otherwise limit their success.