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Information for Summer 2016 will be available in late November.

July 11 - July 23, 2016 |     2 weeks 
|     3 college credits

The Premise
All about that bass - or brass? Turn your proficiency up a few decibels with our two-week intensive Music program, designed to infuse accomplished student musicians with the know-how and skills needed to become respected artists, composers and entrepreneurs - and exemplary college musicians.

Our jazz-centric curriculum lets you honein on one instrument (preferably your strongest), developing it individually and collectively in an eclectic mix of private and semi-private lessons, small ensemble work, and improv and jam sessions. This is the all-day band class you’ve dreamed of, where you improve ear training, reading and performance - and dissect the music business - alongside the best of national and international high school talent.

The Perks

  • Master classes and guest lecturers
  • Introdution to a network of actively touring and recording faculty
  • Collaboration with students in the Summer Institute Dance and MBET (Music, Business, Entrepreneurship + Technology) programs
  • Ensemble concerts, including Friday night small ensembles and student-organized flash mob performances and jam sessions
  • Field trips to music venues to hear live music 

The Proof

  • Perform in a public concert for family, friends and peers while it’s streamed live
  • Written Evaluations from each of your instructors
  • 3 college credits


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