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Saturday School offers online writing, performing and visual art classes for students in grades 9–12. Work with creative professionals and UArts faculty who deliver innovative classes designed to prepare young actors, writers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs to navigate their art form. 

Spring 2021 Courses

FEB. 6 – MARCH 27
Eight Saturdays, 10 a.m.–1 p.m. (EST)

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Acting Studio: Audition Prep

To be a successful actor, you must learn how to navigate the audition. Gain critical feedback that will guide you through the entire audition preparation process—from selecting a script and doing a character breakdown, to rehearsing and preparing a digital audition for when you aren’t live in the room with the casting team.


COURSE IS FULL. Learn the basics of motion studies from a professional animator, and see your original animated projects come to life. You’ll storyboard, film, edit and execute short animations using both stop-motion and digital techniques.

Creative Writing: Writing Funny

This multi-genre class investigates what makes funny … funny. You will create original stories, poems and essays that explore absurdism; dark humor; magical realism; parody; satire; and other forms of the fantastical, surreal and comedic.

Documentary Film: Micro Docs

In this class, students will learn the art of creating cutting-edge micro docs. Film is one of the primary ways we experience stories in contemporary culture, and these minidocumentaries have become some of the most powerful and popular media available. Learn the history and tools of documentary filmmaking, including directing and editing, to create your own short, observational documentary.

Drawing the Everyday

COURSE IS FULL - Drawing is the most basic art and design tool, and it’s a fundamental component of all disciplines. Become a better observer by learning to find meaningful subject matter, whether you are drawing everyday objects and the view outside your window or accessing memories and incorporating found sources. With outside encouragement and feedback from a professional artist, you’ll grasp essential techniques such as composition, light, value and perspective as you work through drawings made in graphite, pen and colored pencil.

Graphic Design

COURSE IS FULL Design rules our visual world: Advertising; digital design; and print media like books, posters and publications use graphic design to communicate messages. Focus on the principles of design and the possibilities of visual communication, type design, layout, image treatment and sequence. You will create an effective final design using visual problem-solving techniques, mixed media and Adobe Creative Suite.

Illustration: Comics and Graphic Novels

COURSE IS FULL. Think graphic novels are just about illustrations? Think again. In this course, you’ll strengthen each skill needed to create a great graphic novel or comic, from conceptual brainstorming to character and narrative development to page layouts, image making and editing. Read and examine contemporary graphic novels and comics, and gain insight into what it takes to produce that kind of work. Drawing experience and a strong interest in storytelling are helpful for this class.

Illustration: World Building

COURSE IS FULL Learn to develop believable worlds and refined stylizations that can be applied to a variety of narrative projects like comics, children’s books, animation and live-action works. Focus not only on the characters that would inhabit these worlds, but also the design of environments, props and other world-building visuals that make up a fictional world and make it more believable. This course will help you dissect and focus on each element, including the writing that goes into developing and creating a fictional world.

Intro to the Music Industry

Whether your goal is the spotlight, the sound board or the boardroom, move past media portrayal and myth with this comprehensive look at the music industry. Explore the industry’s revenue models, careers and many moving parts, as well as the roles of entrepreneurship, marketing, copyright and law. Emerge from this class with a stronger grasp on industry careers and operations, and an informed understanding of what really happens behind the music.


COURSE IS FULL Discover new ways to make evocative photographs from your everyday environment. Work with a professional photographer as you dig into composition; color; and experimental, cameraless techniques to create dynamic images. You’ll make better use of your camera, learn the fundamentals of photography and explore its outer limits.

Portfolio Preparation

COURSE IS FULL Create and critically evaluate your visual arts college application portfolio in this dynamic and useful course. Learn strategies for presentation, what colleges look for, and important tips for photographing and editing your work for inclusion in a digital portfolio. Experiment with a variety of media, and learn to utilize the resources around you to develop work suitable for inclusion in your portfolio. At the end of the course, you’ll review your portfolio with a UArts admission counselor to assess its strengths and areas for improvement.

Products for a Better World

Do you often think about how to make the world a better place? In this course, we’ll analyze some of today’s most pressing issues and use design to propose improvements and solutions. Working with a professional product designer, you’ll learn about how designers develop products, how to communicate your ideas through drawings and models, and what to consider when it’s time to manufacture. Periodically, interesting guests and product designers will join us for demos and discussions.

Visual Storytelling

COURSE IS FULL Learn how to use images and visual elements to communicate ideas and tell stories more effectively. Create stories and concept drawings that showcase your visual voice for use in a portfolio or a future project. This class is perfect for students interested in animation, film, game design, graphic design, illustration, photography, writing or any form of visual storytelling.

Writing a TV Pilot

COURSE IS FULL This class will prepare young writers for every phase of TV storytelling, from concept, to characters, to pitching, crafting an outline, learning writing treatments and executing a pilot script. Classes are complemented by viewing and dissecting a TV series to analyze and understand characters, pacing and the creation of gripping stories.

Parental Consent

Parents/Guardians of students registered Saturday School courses are subject to the following policy:

Parental Consent

I hereby give my consent for my child to participate in Saturday School courses including the possibility of nude models or field trips, as scheduled by instructors at the University of the Arts Saturday School. I hereby grant to the University of the Arts the right to the use of or to reproduce, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute photographic, videotaped or other images of my child and/or their artwork, as well as University-related works derived from said images, for use in connection with the activities of the University or for promoting, publicizing or explaining the University or its activities. This grant includes without limitations, the right to publish such images as public relations/ promotional materials such as marketing and admissions publications, advertisements, fundraising materials and any other University-related publications or web content. Each student is responsible for observing all regulations in the brochures and website that may affect academic progress, financial obligations, relationships with University authorities, transferability of credits, and acceptance of credits for certification, as well as knowing regulations regarding withdrawals, refunds, deadlines, program changes and academic policy.

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