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Transferring from PAFA to University of the Arts


University of the Arts is ready to welcome you into our dynamic, creative community. Though this may be a difficult time for you, we are here to support you on your professional artistic path and want to make your transition as smooth as possible. 

UArts provides a great opportunity for you to continue your education at another small, hands-on school. Our mission is to advance human creativity, and we achieve that mission by offering programs across art, dance, design, film, music, theater, and writing and encouraging artists to explore and experience how artistic disciplines interact and intersect with each other. 

This special, automatic transfer opportunity is available to students enrolled at PAFA for one or both semesters of the 2023–2024 academic year who will be enrolling at UArts in an equivalent program for fall 2024. 

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Why UArts?

  • Remain in Center City and study on Avenue of the Arts, the cultural heart of Philadelphia

  • Fast and free transfer application

  • Guaranteed admission if in good academic standing

  • PAFA credits and grades will transfer smoothly to UArts, enabling you to graduate on time

  • UArts will lower or match your cost of attendance

    • Incoming PAFA students will be reviewed for an additional new $7,000 tuition scholarship (after receipt of the FAFSA)

    • Plus, PAFA students who live on campus at UArts will receive an annual $2,000 grant 

  • We offer every program that PAFA offers, from Sculpture to Illustration to Animation, and much more

  • Learn from world-class practitioners and teachers across a wide range of disciplines

  • Pursue your creative practice in our stellar facilities, including studios, classrooms, galleries, shops, our Makerspace, and the Center for Immersive Media

Ways to learn more

  • Register for a campus tour.

  • If you have questions about applying, contact Angela Jones-OBrien, assistant vice president for admissions, at

Apply now to transfer to UArts