John Serpentelli
Adjunct Assistant
MAT, The University of the Arts
BFA, The University of the Arts

John Serpentelli has directed nearly 100 short animated films for networks such as HBO, Nickelodeon, Noggin, and PBS. Serpentelli is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of the Arts.

Serpentelli’s independent films have won awards in festivals including The American Motion Picture Society, UNICA Festival (Warsaw) and the New York Expo of Short Film. Screenings include the New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC), ZKM (museum in Germany), Tokyo International Festival, Amnesty International Festival (Amsterdam and the American Cinematheque(L.A.). Serpentelli's films have been reviewed in Variety, The New York Times, Animation Magazine, Moving Pictures Bulletin (London), ICOM magazine and he has been interviewed for the book Your Career in Animation (Allsworth Press).

Serpentelli was recently the focus of the feature-length documentary Animating Autism. He is currently producing a graphic novel based on a feature length script he wrote. The project is set to be published in 2014. Serpentelli is currently a writer for the online art magazine 7 Shades of Black. 

Artist Statement:
As a printmaking student, I discovered that making identical of prints was not as rewarding artistically as the variations the process produced. In fact, it was these variations from one print to the next that lead to my fascination of sequential art and, ultimately, animation.

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