Underground Pool: Tin Burrowed Hawk and A Thirsty Swallow

By Jonathan Vaders '15 (Film)

for once in my life
look at me as a me and not a you
and you would see why me
gets so sucked up
inside of the you
with all the tumbled
but true,
it comes and goes,
but now i see it as something
for once a thing
and not a doubled up
corkscrewed mess of a blur
curdled and woven between
the dead

startled i walk within a quiet corner
debating a position
as an eternal mourner.

but i know,
suns have risen,
moons have had blank escapades on my ceiling.

with this,
i will not leave.
in fact,
i will stay and feed the beautiful fire
that i built myself
with your help, of course.

all of this,
within a hymnal of a songbird’s dream.

i'm still here for now and forever longer than this moment right now.
it's all of this.