School of Design

The School of Design encompasses the Graphic Design and Industrial Design programs. Combining technical skills and the exploration of new technologies with a sense of craft and working by hand, the programs compel students to explore, invent and engage the world around them. Drawing from a foundation in the history of design and contemporary professional practices, students have ample opportunities to work collaboratively and on their own. In the School of Design, students venture into new ideas and solutions, ranging from mobile web applications to the perfect piece of furniture, from novel approaches to information design to better manufacturing systems.

See, listen, reflect. Observe, think, feel. Engage, imagine, build: This is the School of Design.

Digital Mural

Graphic Design

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Graphic Design at UArts has long been recognized as one of the nation's top design programs.

ID hands

Industrial Design

The Industrial Design program will fuel your passion for discovery by using design to focus on people and their needs.