5-Year BM/MAT in Music Education

Do your career aspirations involve teaching music to kids in grades K-12 while exploring the many ways to define music education? The 5-Year BM/MAT in Music Education program at the University of the Arts will let you focus on developing your skills and knowledge as a performing musician while studying music education. You'll emerge from the program with a master’s degree that will put you ahead of the curve as you enter the educational workforce.

Your undergrad years will be spent growing as a musician while focusing on foundational studies in music education. In your fifth year, you'll apply what you've learned as a musician in the educational area through an intensive two-semester Master of Arts in Teaching degree program, during which you'll revisit your competencies on wind, percussion and brass instruments in a weekly rehearsal lab that will let you hone your instrumental skills and integrate them into an ensemble setting as you prepare to student teach. Before you graduate, you'll discover and present your identity as a musician-educator by creating a documentary that provides a glimpse into who you are as a musician and an educator. Many graduates find this to be a useful tool for telling their story to principals and school administrators during their job search.

Opportunities abound for collaboration. For example, our undergrad course in Creative Classroom Musicianship finds students implementing bucket drumming and guitar into a music education classroom. During your MAT year, you'll take a vocal pedagogy course in which you'll synthesize your skills, methodology, musicianship and teaching capacity to create a lesson plan and rehearse and conduct the University chorus. You'll also work closely with a local Philadelphia middle school, where you’ll collaborate on a rock band program and will get a chance to collaborate with a middle school jazz ensemble.