College of Performing Arts

The College of Performing Arts enjoys a long and rich tradition of innovative professional training of dancers, choreographers, instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, actors, directors, theater designers, teachers and other performing artists.

Our School of Dance, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts and School of Music stress artistic collaboration and exploration – students work with those in many other artistic disciplines, such as Film and Design. And our dynamic, award-winning faculty of practicing professionals is dedicated to serving our students as mentors inside and outside the classroom and to providing links for students to career opportunities in their fields.

Dance Students 2012

School of Dance

The School of Dance's groundbreaking curriculum prepares students for the professional world of dance.

Ira Brind School of Theater Arts

Acting; Directing, Playwriting + Production; Film Design + Production; Musical Theater; and Theater Design + Technology.

School of Music

Jazz and American contemporary music are the foundations of the University's School of Music.

Exquisite Corpse Assignment

University Common Curriculum

Cross-university curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative processes.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master's degrees in Art Education, Museum Studies, Visual Arts, Music or Industrial Design.


Choose from Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology, Music, Musical Theater or Music Education.

Dancers in Paris

Academic Opportunities

Opportunities to enhance your academic experience both inside and outside the classroom and beyond.

Marc Dicciani drums

Dean's Message

CPA strives to provide you with the highest quality of vigorous professional training and practice opportunities in your discipline.