5-Year BFA/MAT in Visual Arts

Truly successful art educators are those with a deep passion and understanding of art and who relish the opportunity to nurture that knowledge and appreciation in others. If you’re interested in entering the art education field – or if you’re an established educator seeking a higher-level degree and professional enrichment – the 5-Year BFA/MAT in Visual Arts program at the University of the Arts will empower you with the knowledge, skills and sensibilities to be an effective and inspirational facilitator of active learners in the visual arts.

This is a professional degree program that will prepare you for the Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate to teach art and design in grades K-12. Coursework includes professional education classes, advanced studio work and liberal arts study. Additional coursework focuses on the history, theory and practice of art education, as well as service learning and teaching special education and English Language Learners.

Students in the 5-Year BFA/MAT in Visual Arts program get hands-on classroom experience through a 14-week student teaching practicum in a Philadelphia-area public, charter or independent school. Before that, you get a chance to strengthen your classroom and behavior management skills through a 10-week assistantship in our Saturday School. There, you’ll gain real-life experience working with special needs students and learning how to adapt curriculum, materials and tools. Students also complete a collaborative mural or game project in Aesthetics and have opportunities to present education findings at state or national conferences before graduation.