Von Hess Visiting Artist Program

left to right: Madigan, Krause, Shimizu, Arisman

Through the generosity of the Richard C. von Hess Foundation, the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts invites visiting artists to explore the creative potential of the offset medium. The Center facilitates image making as a synthesis of handwork, photography, and digital imagery. All imaginable combinations of traditional and electronic prepress are the subjects of experimentation. Selected artists work with a master printer in the Center to create an original print or an artist book. These artists are recommended from a broad array of disciplines including fine arts, photography, illustration and graphic design. The average residency is 3-5 days. In that time the artist will work on their project, participate in dialog with students who are interested in seeing the progress of the piece, and give a public lecture/presentation of their work to the University community. The visiting artist receives a stipend as well as room and board. The edition is split 50/50 between artist and the Center. Residencies are available by invitation only.

Artists include:

2013: Gerard Brown, Alida Fish, Yoko Inoue

2012: Jen Bervin, Dennis McNett

2011: Martha Madigan

2010: Mel Chin, Sarah Iremonger, Yuko Shimizu

2008: Amos Paul Kennedy, Richard Minsky

2007: Maria Magdelena Compos-Pons, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Charles Long

2006: Gary Kelley

2005: Bea Nettles, Ernestine Ruben

2004: Anna Beth Rosen, Buzz Spector

2003: John Freyer

2002: John Cohen, Karen Kunc

2001: Marshall Arisman, Pepón Osario