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Health Services

UArts Health Services is committed to providing care, treatment and education to keep you healthy and happy.

Health Services: Academic Year 2020–2021

While the university is operating remotely, the Health Services staff is available, monitoring emails and calls throughout the day. Questions, concerns or requests can be directed to

Health Services is still here for you, and we are committed to the health and wellness of our students and community.

Note: The next open enrollment term for school insurance will begin on Nov. 11. Select "Health Insurance" from the On This Page directory for more information.

Videoconference with the UArts nurse
Appointments are open to UArts students registered for the spring 2021 semester and are free. Visits are between the student and the school nurse and are confidential. Appointments can be booked via Use your  UArts-issued Zoom account to access the virtual session.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, students who are feeling unwell are advised to use telemedicine options to consult with a physician when possible. Doing so will help to reduce the risk of exposure and prevent the spread of infection.

If you have a fever (100.4°F/38°C or higher) or cough or have trouble breathing, the CDC recommends that you

  • seek medical care: Call ahead before you go to a doctor’s office, urgent care center or emergency room.
  • tell your doctor about your recent travel and your symptoms.
  • avoid contact with others.

Office Visits

UArts, including Student Health Services, is operating remotely. For more information on our current operations, visit the Health Services: Spring 2021 tab.

Students who need to consult with staff can email or schedule a virtual appointment with the staff nurse via


During regular operations (note that regular operations are currently suspended while remote learning is in effect for academic year 2020–2021)

On-campus health services are provided Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m during the school year. Summer hours may vary, so we recommend calling prior to visiting the office when classes are not in session. All current, matriculated students are welcome to use the Health Office regardless of insurance type. All medical issues are strictly confidential. Please refer to the links on the top right of the page for more information regarding resources and services.

Meet our staff 

Tip: If you are new to UArts or Health Services we recommend reading over the FAQ page which addresses some commonly asked questions about our office.

Services available to students include the following.

  • Self-Help Station, band aids, throat lozenges, OTC medication, etc.
  • Evaluation and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries
  • Health maintenance
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Nutrition information and counseling / scale and BMI calculator available 
  • HIV and STD testing 
  • Wellness activities
  • PPD, Tuberculin skin testing at the beginning of the Fall/Spring semester
  • Flu shots beginning in October
  • Pamplets and handouts on a variety of subjects

When a student has been triaged in the health office and it is determined further evaluation is needed, referrals are made free of charge to Thomas Jefferson Family and Community Medicine Associates.

A physical therapist is on campus Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Terra Building, suite 401. For questions please email

UArts Sick Note Policy: Please note that the Office of Health Service does not issue sick or excuse notes for classes or work missed due to illness or injury. However, if a student has official medical documentation supporting time missed due to illness or injury, they should submit this directly to the health office (Gershman 306) to be kept on file.

The number of allowable absences is up to the discretion of the faculty, however, with documentation on file in the Health Center, Health Services staff can confirm that the time missed was due to medical reasons. For privacy reasons, students should submit documentation directly to Health Services, and not to their faculty.

Notification for long-term absences due to illness/injury are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Health Insurance


Spring 2021 update: New students and those returning from a leave of absence must still submit the online insurance form no later than Feb. 8, 2021, or they will be enrolled in the school plan and responsible for the $2,497 health insurance fee.

The next enrollment period for health insurance is for the spring 2021 semester. Students can opt into the spring term between Nov. 1 and Feb. 8. To receive coverage by the earliest possible date, students should opt in by the recommended deadline of Dec 1. Students can opt in by accessing the Online Insurance Form at beginning Nov. 1 or emailing

The insurance plan is Aetna, and cost for the spring semester is  $2,497. In order to be eligible, students must be enrolled in six or more credits. For details about the plan, visit



2020/2021 SCHOOL YEAR:

Online Insurance Form:

Fall 2020:

All students taking 6 or more credits for Fall 2020 must submit their insurance preference by 9/14/20 at This policy remains the same during remote learning. Contact with any questions.

The school sponsored insurance plan is Aetna. Students taking 6 or more credits in the Fall wishing to re-enroll must opt-in by August 1st to avoid a lapse in coverage.

All students must access the Online Insurance Form at to either opt-into or waive the school insurance. For additional information on accessing the form, including troubleshooting tips, please refer to the below section on accessing the form.

Note that the school insurance fee is automatically added to each student’s bill until they provide proof of personal insurance at the Online Insurance Link. This must be done no later than 9/14/2020. The cost for the 2020-2021 year is $4,031.00.

For more information on the school plan, including cost, please see the section on the School-Sponsored Plan (below) and/or visit


August 1st: We strongly recommend that students complete the online insurance form by August 1st. 

(Note: Students who are currently enrolled in the school plan MUST complete the form by this date in order to continue coverage without a lapse.)

September 14th: The absolute last day to complete the Online Insurance Form (including waiving the school insurance fee) or to make changes to your preference. 

Following 9/14/20 eligible students who have not submitted proof of insurance will be enrolled in the school plan and responsible for the insurance fee: no exceptions, credits or refunds will be honored beyond this date.

Personal Insurance Plans:
It is a University of the Arts policy that all full-time, matriculated students taking 6 or more credits in the Fall/Spring carry health insurance with major medical coverage and submit proof of this coverage via online form.

Waiving the Insurance Fee:

Students submit proof of personal insurance online at in order to remove the insurance fee from the tuition bill*.

The entire process should take only a few minutes and the student will need a copy of their insurance card. Afterwards the student will receive a confirmation email in their UArts email account. Once the waiver is completed Student Financial Services will issue an updated tuition bill in 1-2 weeks. For billing questions please contact SFS at 215.717.6150.

To find out if your insurance is accepted in the Philadelphia area: Please refer to the website for your personal insurance company. Most will have a “Find a Doctor” or “Search for a Doctor” tool available which will show a list of eligible resources in a given area. The zip code for UArts is 19102

School-Sponsored Insurance Plan:

Please Note: The School-Sponsored Insurance does not impact a student’s ability to utilize health services while attending UArts. All current students are welcome to visit the Health Office which remains free of charge.

The school-sponsored insurance plan is simply an option available to enrolled students who meet the guidelines for eligibility. Insurance is offered at a discounted student rate through an outside insurance company (for the 20/21 year the carrier is Aetna) and enrollment is facilitated through UArts. Please read below for details on enrollment and the plan.

To Enroll:

Beginning May 4th, 2020 students will have the ability to  confirm their enrollment in the school-based Aetna plan by visiting

IMPORTANT DEADLINES: To begin coverage right away on August 15th, students must confirm at by August 1st, 2020. 

Health Services can continue to process enrollments from 8/2 through 9/14, however, due to processing times there is approximately a two week period between enrollment and coverage for those who do not confirm prior to 8/1.

Important: Students currently on the school plan who wish to re-enroll must do so by August 1st to avoid a lapse in insurance coverage.

2020/2021 Plan Information:

Please note that the school plan for the 2020/2021 year will be Aetna, the same as the previous year. Insurance cards are digital and information on accessing your digital card will be emailed to your UArts account shortly after enrolling. 

Insurance Company: Aetna

Cost: $4,031 for the entire year.  Note: The fee is added to the tuition bill.

Coverage Start/End Dates: Fall Coverage is from 8/15/20* until 8/14/21  (*students must opt-in by 8/1 to begin coverage by this date); Spring Coverage is 1/1/21* until 8/14/21 (*students must opt-in by 12/1/19 to begin coverage by this date).

Coverage Details: To learn more about what is covered under the policy please visit Specifically, under the “Benefits” tab look for the plan summary and the brochure.

If you have questions regarding health insurance please contact Health Services at 215.717.6652. Questions regarding University billing may be directed to Student Financial Services at 215.717.6170.

Aetna Student Health Website

To access your insurance website where you can manage your healthcare, search for doctors, view claims and download your card please visit: and select “University of the Arts” from the drop-down menu.

How to access your Aetna Digital ID Card:

Students who are enrolled can visit and click the link at the top of the page to access their digital ID cards.

Troubleshooting Aetna ID Cards/Mobile App:

If you encounter any issues while accessing your insurance card or while using the Aetna site or technology please contact Aetna Customer Service Number at (877) 480-4161 for assistance.


The easiest way is to access the online web form directly at If you receive an access denied message, please contact and let us know so we can put in a ticket.

If you have trouble with your username or password, email New students can access your log-in info here:

If the direct link does not work, students may also wish to try logging in via WebAdvisor, instructions are as follows.

  1. Log onto the portal ( using your UArts Student credentials.

  2. On the left, under “Launchpad”, choose MyUArts Record.

  3. Once you are in the Students Menu click the link titled “University of the Arts Health Online Insurance Form” and follow the prompts to input your selection.

Local Resources

Philadelphia is home to a wide array of resources, facilities and specialists. Part of our goal is to highlight notable wellness-related resources in the immediate area. If you are looking for a specific recommendation and do not see it on the list simply contact our office so that we may be of further assistance.

University Health Services staff may assess students in-office and decide that a referral to an outside resource is necessary. 

Affiliated Physician's Offices

Thomas Jefferson Family Medicine Associates (JFMA) located at 833 Chestnut St., Suite 301. The office is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The JFMA on-call doctor is available 24 hours a day at 215-955-7190. 

Services are offered free of charge by JFMA with a referral from the University Student Health Center. Students must be seen in our office and obtain a referral slip in order for the co-pay cost to be waived. Students should bring the referral form, a student ID, and their insurance card (in case a prescription is provided) at the time of their appointment. 

More information on Y-Hep can be found on their website at

Urgent Cares/Clinics
CVS Minute Clinic
1500 Spruce Street
Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Sat 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Sun 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

myDoc Urgent Care (and Primary Care if you call to make an appointment)
1420 Locust Street
Mon-Sat 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sun 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed on all major holidays

Primary Care Physicians: 
myDoc (call to make an appointment) see above contact information

Jefferson Family Medical Associates (JFMA)  
833 Chestnut Street  215-955-7190


Afton Family Dental 
1815 S. Broad Street,   215-462-6229

Penn DDS School
40th and Spruce Streets, 215-898-8961
Call at 8 a.m. to schedule an appointment for the following day; let them know you are a UArts student and bring your UArts ID
Walk-in appts available, but for emergencies only

Temple University DDS School
3223 N. Broad Street (Broad and Allegheny), 215-707-2938

Center City Emergency Dentist
1429 Walnut Street, 6th floor, 215-545-2600

Rite Aid,  215 S. Broad Street (next to Terra Hall), 215-735-3593

CVS, 1500 Spruce Street, 215-790-3290

If you need to see a specialist, the Student Health Center can provide you with a list of practitioners near the University's campus. 

New Students

Spring 2021 update: Students must still submit the online insurance form no later than 2/8/2021 or else they will be enrolled in the school plan and responsible for the $2,497 health insurance fee.

Heath Information Forms (including immunizations) should be scanned and emailed as a PDF to If you are experiencing an issue in completing the health form please reach out to ASAP.

To assist in making your transition to college a smooth one, here are some suggestions for students who will be attending UArts for the first time:

Plan ahead! During the summer months it can be difficult to get a timely appointment with your physician due to the increased demand of back to school check-ups but you'll need one in order to complete your required Health Information Forms.

Read over our FAQ page to learn the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about our office and local services.

Have your insurance card with you and find out how to use them! If you are relocating from outside the Philadelphia region you may want to check that your health insurance provider will cover services outside of your network. Most major insurance companies will have a "search for a doctor" or "find a doctor" tool on their websites which will allow you to see the physicians/services covered by an insurance company in a given area. 19102 is the school's zip code.

If you are being treated for any long term medical or psychological conditions that require regular doctor visits and you will be away from home, we suggest that prior to the start of school, you make connections with physicians and/or therapists near school who accept your health insurance.

If you are on a monthly medication regimen and require refills and/or continual evaluations, please make prior arrangements with physicians in the Philadelphia area who accept your health insurance.

Health Information Forms (including immunization records)
New Students Only

  • Student Health Form: All students new to UArts are required to complete and submit these documents by August 1st (December 1st for Spring)
  • Since portions of the form require information from your physician, including a physical examination and immunization records, we encourage you to keep the August 1st deadline in mind when scheduling your doctor's appointment. Read more about our immunization policy here
  •  Students are required to complete and submit every page of the form.
  • Information on how to return the forms can be found below, and on the final page of the health form (page 8). 

Online Insurance Form 
To be completed annually by 
all matriculated students taking 6+ credits.

  • Online Health Insurance Form: All matriculated students taking six or more credits are required to carry health insurance, either through their own insurance company or through a plan offered through UArts. Students must confirm their insurance selection using the Online Insurance Form.
  • Students should complete the Online Insurance Form before August 1st (December 1st for Spring).
  • Important: Failure to provide personal insurance information via the Online Insurance Form by the last day of Drop/Add will result in the student's manual enrollment into the school insurance plan, regardless of a student's existing coverage and the student will be responsible for the entire cost of the school insurance fee. After this date absolutely no exceptions, credits or refunds can be issued. 

Submitting Materials 
Please note that proof of insurance can only be submitted online via the Online Insurance Form. If you experience any issues please contact Health Services at 215.717.6652 for assistance.

Medical forms also known as the Health Information Forms can be submitted a few ways.
Tip: If sending the original, we recommend making a copy to keep as a back-up. Acceptable methods of submitting are:

  • emailing as a single PDF to
  • faxing legibly to Health Services at 215.717.6237
  • mailing* to our office at

The University of the Arts
Attn: Health Services
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

*If mailing, please only send documents intended for Health Services to the address above. Documents meant for other offices should not be included in the same envelope.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Student Health Services. If you still have questions or concerns, you can contact us at 215-717-6652 or

Are Health Services still provided during the spring 2021 remote semester?

Yes, in a virtual format. Registered students can schedule an appointment with the nurse via during our regularly scheduled office hours, Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Additionally, staff members are on hand to check emails, collect new student documents, assist with school insurance enrollment and provide guidance and resources when possible.

Students are encouraged to follow our Facebook page (/uartshealthservices) and instagram (@uarts_healthservices) to stay up to date on news and resources.

Do I still need to submit proof of insurance even though I won't be on campus for spring 2021?Yes, all students taking six or more credits must still complete the online insurance form at no later than Dec. 11 or else they will be enrolled in the school plan and responsible for the $2,497 school insurance fee.

Note: The final deadline to submit insurance information is Feb. 8, 2021. Insurance enrollment in insurance takes place 10 to 14 days after waiver is completed. After Feb. 8, changes, credits or refunds can be made. 






What are the required forms and documents for Health Services?

Find Student Health documents.


  • Health Information Form
    (Note: a portion of the form needs to be completed by your physician. Please schedule your appointment sooner rather than later to ensure you can be seen in a timely fashion).
  • Immunization Records (to be submitted with Health Information Form). In the event of an outbreak, students without immunization documentation on file may be required to leave campus for a period of time based on the recommendation of the CDC and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.
  • Online Health Insurance Form*
    (Note: full time students are required to fill out the online health insurance form each year)


  • Online Health Insurance Form*
    (Note: full time students are required to fill out the online health insurance form each year)

*NOTE: If you have your own insurance, you MUST complete the online health insurance form or else you will be charged for the school-based insurance. If you are enrolling in the school insurance, you MUST complete the online health insurance form by August 1. For more information on the Health Insurance requirement, please read the Health Insurance portion of the FAQs.

What is the required online health insurance form and how do I complete it?

All full-time matriculated UArts students taking 6 or more credits are required to have health insurance and must confirm this by completing the online health insurance form each year. The form can be accessed at

If you have your own insurance or are covered by a parent’s insurance
IMPORTANT: The fee for the school insurance is included on the tuition bill. In order to remove this fee you must access the online health insurance form at to opt out of the school insurance. After the end of drop/add we are unable to make changes to insurance information including the removal of the health insurance fee from a student’s bill. No exceptions can be made.

If you are signing up for school-based insurance

You must visit to opt into the school-based insurance.

What should I bring with me to school?

Students who use inhalers, epi-pens or similar must bring their own to school as the Office of Health Services does not provide these items. We encourage students to carry one with them at all times (especially on school trips) and to keep a spare in their living space.

If you require routine medication, prescriptions or allergy shots, you must make arrangements before coming to school. For the first two, contact your physician or prescribing doctor about filling your prescription while at UArts.

For students requiring allergy shots, we recommend setting up an allergist in the area prior to coming to UArts. Local recommendations can be found below in the I Need An Allergy Shot section.

What are the hours and location of the Office of Health Services?

The Office of Health Services is located at 401 South Broad Street, Gershman Hall, Room 306. All current students with a valid student ID are able to access the building.

Office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. Appointments are not necessary.

Students who are unwell while UArts is operating remotely should email and seek appropriate care as needed. See the Health Services: Academic Year 2020–2021 for instructions about accessing a physician via telehealth services or scheduling a virtual appointment with the school nurse. 

What should I do if I’m not feeling well?

Stop by the Health Office to meet with a nurse who can better determine what plan of care is best suitable. If an advanced practitioner is necessary, we can refer students to Jefferson Family Medicine Associates*, a local primary care office, free of charge, with a referral from the health office.

*In order to take advantage of this partnership with Jefferson, students must be seen first in the Health Office.

What if the office is closed?

If you are truly unwell and require immediate monitoring or medical attention, please notify your Resident Advisor who will assist you. For minor illness, we recommend visiting the Health Office during office hours.

In the event of a non-emergency that takes place after hours or during the weekend, we encourage students to visit one of the following urgent care centers, based on their location:

myDoc Urgent Care (located near campus). The website with hours and information is

Doctor’s Express (South Philly location).  The website with hours and information can be found at

In the event of a true emergency, call 911.


How do I contact the Office of Health Services?

Phone: 215-717-6652 


Fax: 215-717-6237


How can I stay up-to-date on Health Services news/info?

We try to update our social media accounts to best reflect any important updates, events or news relating to our office. Students are encouraged to follow us:


What services are provided by Student Health Services?

Note: Regularly offered services are on hold for academic year 2020–2021 because the university is operating remotely.  See the Health Services: Academic year 2020–2021 tab for more information.

  • The office treats minor illnesses and injuries and refers students to other professionals within the local area when necessary. To complement our on-campus services, Jefferson Family Medicine Associates provides treatment of acute illnesses and injuries free of charge for all UArts students with a referral from our office.
  • Free HIV testing is performed in office every other Wednesday during the school year by a representative of the Youth Help Empowerment Project (Y-HEP). Testing is confidential (with Y-HEP following-up with the student directly) and results are never shared with UArts staff, including the Office of Health Services. Check our Facebook page for updates and reminders regarding testing days.
  • Our nurses can administer tuberculosis (TB) skin tests to students who are in the master’s programs for teaching and require this screening before going into a classroom setting.
  • Note: Flu shots will not be available in fall 2020. Flu shots are available on a seasonal basis, beginning usually in October/November. Flu shots are free to UArts students and administered by a school nurse. There is a limited supply and flu shots are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so students interested in this service are encouraged to contact Health Services in October to inquire about availability or to check our Facebook page for updates.
  • Free items and samples are available in the Office of Health Services as part of our “Free Sample Station.” Items available year-round include condoms, feminine hygiene products, Band-Aids and cough drops. Other items can include hair care products, deodorant and other such samples as sent to us by various health and wellness companies throughout the year. Students are encouraged to stop in any time during office hours to check out the latest offerings!
  • Local references and resources. If you are a student looking for a local specialist, Health Services can provide a list of recommended local practitioners. Call us at 215-717-6652 or email for assistance.


I have a pre-existing medical condition/require routine medication, what should I do?

Health Services does not write or fill prescriptions. If you require these services for an existing diagnosis, please contact your primary care physician to make arrangements before coming to UArts.

Students with pre-existing medical conditions that require routine assessments are encouraged to find a doctor in Philadelphia. The best way to do this is 1) ask your existing physician for a recommendation or 2) go to your insurance company’s website and use the “Find a Doctor” tool. The school zip code is 19102.


I need an allergy shot, what should I do?

Health Services cannot administer allergy injections. Should you require this service, especially on a routine basis, we recommend finding an allergy doctor in the area prior to coming to UArts. To do this, you can 1) ask your primary allergist for a recommendation, 2) go to your insurance company’s website and use the “Find a Doctor” tool (the school zip code is 19102) or 3) Call or mail the Health Office for a list of local immunology offices at 215-717-6652 or


Are flu shots available to students?

Note: Flu shots will not be available in fall 2020. Flu shots are available on a seasonal basis, beginning usually in October/November. Flu shots are free to UArts student and administered by a school nurse. There is a limited supply given on a first-come, first-served basis, so students interested in this service are encouraged to contact Health Services in October to inquire about availability or to check our Facebook page for updates.


Can I get screened for tuberculosis (TB) at the Health Office?

Note: TB shots will not be available during academic year 2020–2021. Current students of the master’s programs for teaching who need a TB skin test can have the screening performed in office by a UArts nurse. Students who have the test done must be able to return to the office two days later for a reading of the results. For this reason, we cannot perform tests on Thursday or Fridays (due to the weekend). It is strongly recommended that you call the office at 215-717-6652 or stop in to confirm the best time to come in for the test.


Will Health Services write me an excuse/class absence note?

The University of the Arts Health Services does not provide written excuses for students who miss class due to routine illnesses or injury.

  • For minor/routine illness related absences, students should notify their faculty as soon as possible regarding their situation, ideally before they miss a class, exam or other evaluative activity. It is the student's responsibility to make up any missed work.
  • Medical documentation will be accepted for significant illness or injury, and should be submitted directly to Health Services.


What is the school-based health insurance?

Students without health insurance or those interested in a different plan have the option of choosing the school-based health insurance. Currently, the insurance provider is Aenta. The school offers two enrollment periods, which are prior to the Fall semester as well as the Spring semester. Information on the plan’s benefits and coverage can be found at under the “Benefits” link.

Note: The online health insurance form is an annual process that must be completed each year prior to the start of the Fall semester (or Spring semester, for students who are beginning their studies in the Spring). 

Fall Enrollment: Eligible Students who choose the school insurance and complete the online health insurance form ( by August 1 will have coverage beginning 8/15 and lasting until 8/14 of the next year. To learn more about coverage details, visit 


How do I opt in or opt out of the school insurance?

The online health insurance form can be found at All students are required to complete the form each year. Once you access the form, you will have the option to opt in* or opt out** of the school-based insurance.

*To ensure that your coverage begins on time, please opt into the school insurance by Aug. 1 (fall enrollment period), or Dec. 1 (spring enrollment period). 

**Opting out via the online health insurance form is necessary in order to have the insurance fee removed from your tuition bill. This must be done no later than the final day of drop/add for the semester. After this date we cannot make changes and cannot honor any requests for refunds or credits.


How can I change the insurance information I just submitted via the online health insurance form?

Students will have the ability to complete the online health insurance form once a year. After entering your information and clicking “submit,” you will be unable to access the form until the following year.

However, if you need to make a change to recently submitted information (i.e., opt in or opt out), you may contact Health Services at

Important: Changes to your submission can only be processed prior to end of add/drop. After add/drop, all insurance submissions are considered final.


How can I read more about coverage and benefits offered by the school-based plan?

In order to learn more about the school insurance plan, visit Click on the Benefits tab to find information such as plan highlights and summary of benefits coverage as well as a detailed brochure.


Who can I contact with questions about the school insurance?

If you have questions about enrolling in the school-based insurance including but not limited to: cost, coverage dates, the online health insurance form, etc., you may contact the Office of Health Services at 215-717-6652 or

For information on general coverage: Information on the general benefits and offerings of the school insurance can be found at Click on the Benefits link at the top to view Plan Highlights, the Insurance Brochure and Summary of Benefits Coverage.

Specific questions about coverage or claims please refer to Benefits and claims information can be found on this page. Additional questions can be directed to our insurance brokers, Academic Health Plans at 855-856-3141.


How can I see which doctors will accept the school insurance?

Visit, choose University of the Arts and click on the Find a Doctor link. You will be able to see which practices in a specified area will accept Aetna insurance. Note: If you are looking for services near UArts, the ZIP code for the school is 19102. Always confirm your insurance is accepted at the time you book your appointment. 


When can I expect my insurance card to arrive?

Aetna uses digital ID cards. Once a student has opted into the plan, information on how to obtain a digital ID card will be sent to the student's UArts email address. If you are re-enrolling in the Aetna student health plan your insurance information will remain the same. 



Can I opt into the school-based insurance after the semester has already started?

It might be possible. Students who wish to opt in to the school insurance must do so by the end of drop/add. After the drop/add period has ended, UArts sends the final list of enrollees to Academic Health Plans and enrollment through the school is closed.

However, students who wish to enroll in the insurance after drop/add can apply on their own accord by filling out the Qualifying Events Form and submitting it directly to Academic Health Plans. To submit the form, you can mail it to the address provided on the form or you can fax it to 817-909-4701. The Qualifying Events Form can be found at

Note: University of the Arts does not handle Qualifying Events Forms; they are handled completely through Academic Health Plans. Also, students who submit a Qualifying Events Form are responsible for paying the insurance fee directly to Academic Health Plans (further information can be found on the form) as opposed to having the fee included in the student’s tuition bill.

If you have questions about information on the Qualifying Events Form, you can contact Academic Health Plans at 855-856-3141.

Contact Student Health Services

The Student Health Center is located in Gershman Hall, suite 306, on the corner of Broad and Pine Streets and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
phone: 215-717-6652
fax: 215-717-6237