Sof by Paige Cataldo
Student Project

Product Design (MDes)

From Paige Cataldo MDes '17:

Sof was created by Paige Cataldo, Tanushree Sengupta and Zoe Ho. Original concept was deigned by Paige Cataldo, MDes '17.

Using felt, a flexible material, you can include self expression in your home with function and low impact while shelving everyday items for convenient access.

By using a soft material and simple hardware, we created a system that can include as many modules as you need while customizing configurations and units for various purposes with ease. Our diverse modules introduce flexibility and versatility, enhancing your living experience through compatible design.

Our hardware is designed to keep wall damage at an absolute minimum. We believe this aspect is of utmost importance for individuals who wish to decorate their walls in a temporary fashion. The adaptability of our hardware makes it simple to move shelving units as many times as you need to, and when you're ready to move on to your next adventure, makes the units easy to pack up and go!

We chose felt as our shelving medium because of a few simple reasons. Felt is soft, strong, and light. We wanted our units to be light and packable for the transient individual who needs to relocate often, but also be resilient enough to handle everyday wear and tear from consistent use.