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BS '17

Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (BS)

Sal Dragone started at the University of the Arts as a Jazz Performance major studying Percussion. Midway through his freshman year, Sal found a love for the other possibilities the music industry had to offer and switched his major to Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology. At the core, he has always been an entrepreneurial person. He worked multiple part-time and full-time jobs while taking a full, 18-credit course load. Sal has employment experience in a range of fields including amusement, bar/restaurant management, booking, contracting/labor, elementary school education, environmental surveying, graphic design for concert venues, retail, service industry, studio engineering and more. After graduation, Sal focused on his entrepreneurial goals and started his professional career in artist management. He also launched his screen print and embroidery business Arway Apparel, a sister company of Arway Linen. Sal now manages two successful touring musicians, Tiedye Ky and Mindset Bass, all while running Arway Apparel.

Tyedie Ky on tour, left, and Tyedie Ky's album cover, right.
Sal on tour with Tiedye Ky, left, and Tiedye Ky's album artwork for "Baby Blue and the Super Moon", right


Sal's first press at Arway Apparel
Sal's screen print and embroidery business Arway Apparel


Work samples from Sal's business Arway Apparel
Work samples from Sal's business Arway Apparel


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