In the Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (MBET) program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the music business in the context of an arts-based education. Available as a major or a minor, our comprehensive coursework takes place in and out of the classroom, and you’ll network and make connections through internship placements at some of Philadelphia’s most reputable institutions. Our goal is to empower the artists and engineers who will create the technologies of the future.

In 2019, the MBET program at UArts was ranked among the top 10 programs for music business in the nation by Music School Central. 

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Jason Noble photo
Jason Noble


Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Trista Sintex photo
Trista Sintex


Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
Hometown: Windermere, FL

Our faculty is made up of active professionals who are working in the industry here in Philadelphia, which is fast becoming one of the best music cities in the United States.

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    Michael Johnson headshot wearing green sweater and white collared shirt in front of audio recording equipment
    Michael Johnson

    Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
    Musician/Engineer, performed with War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr, Iron & Wine, and more
    Stephen Cirino head shot
    Stephen Cirino

    Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
    Has worked with gold/platinum artists Jason Aldean, Mumford & Sons and Phoenix

    Sample Courses in the MBET Major

    First Year
    MBET Project Forum
    Intro to Pro Tools
    Music Explorations
    Music Concepts
    Business of Music
    Writing I Placement
    Intro to Business
    Digital Distribution
    Music Concepts II
    Live Sound Production
    Writing II Placement
    Free elective (your choice)

    Second Year
    Music Skill III
    Recording I
    Tech & Application Course (your choice)*
    Science (your choice)
    Free elective (your choice)
    Music Skill IV
    Digital Marketing
    Intro to Advertising
    Discipline history (your choice)
    Critical Studies (your choice)

    Third Year
    Business Fundementals for the Creative Economy
    Intro to Electronic Music & Technology
    Tech & Application course (your choice)**
    Discipline history (your choice)
    Critical Studies (your choice)
    Free elective (your choice)
    Business Planning
    Music Internship
    Tech & Application course (your choice)**

    Fourth Year
    Business Planning II
    Business & Entrepreneurship course***(your choice)
    Tech & Application course (your choice)+
    Critical Studies (your choice)
    Free elective (your choice)
    MBET Senior Project
    Business & Entrepreneurship course (your choice)++


    About the Curriculum

    The Music Business, Entrepreneurship + Technology (MBET) curriculum takes great advantage of cross-discipline and collaborative opportunities in the all-arts environment of the University of the Arts.  Courses cover the core areas of Business/Entrepreneurship (business, fundamentals, music business and innovation, and entrepreneurship), Technology and Application (recording, live sound and web design), a rich and diverse pool of electives throughout the University, Music (music skills and critical listening), and the Liberal Arts.  Additional study in international business, project courses, and internships maximize career portfolio strategies.

    Students graduating from the MBET program will:

    • Possess essential business knowledge in the foundational areas of marketing, communications, and business, contract, and entertainment law;
    • Possess essential music business knowledge in intellectual property, music licensing, media markets, and event production and management;
    • Possess technological skills in audio production, recording, live sound reinforcement, digital distribution, and web/interface design;
    • Possess foundational music knowledge and competencies, the understanding of music form and structure, and critical listening and assessment skills;
    • Possess advanced writing and presentation skills;
    • Have engaged in entrepreneurial activities relative to the production, marketing, and distribution of music and other performance and art media;
    • Understand e-commerce and be able to identify and use emerging technologies;
    • Collaborate and partner with other University students and departments, as well as professional organizations;
    • Be information literate, aware, resourceful, and problem-solving critical thinkers;
    • Use all of the above as the basis for creative and innovative output.

    To explore the full curriculum, click here.

    * At this level, courses include Audio Electronics, Intro to Logic Pro, Webcasting and others.

    * At this level, courses include Advanced Mixing & Mastering, Advanced Electronics Forum, Spatial Music Composition and others.

    *** At this level, courses include Copywriting, Artist Management, Entrepreneurs Boot Camp and others.

    + Recording II and Digital Music Production I and II.

    + At this level, courses include Careers in Music.

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    Julia Rainer photo
    Julia Rainer

    BS '17

    Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
    Signed with Creep Records; full-length solo record “Spirits” released September, 2017
    Courtney Passikoff headshot
    Courtney Passikoff

    BS '17

    Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
    Philadelphia area representative for GrammyU
    Grant Bouvier head shot
    Grant Bouvier

    BS '16

    Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
    Has worked for synthesizer manufacturers Critter and Guitari

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