Oho by Kamakshi Arora MDes '20 and Raunak Deshmukh MDes '20
Student Project

Product Design (MDes)
Kamakshi Arora MDes '20 and Raunak Deshmukh MDes '20

Oho is a trash lid that transforms your ordinary trash can into a beautiful piece of art, while also adding extra utility. Inspired by the the aperture mechanism, Oho makes it easy for its users to control the appearance and air flow of their trash can and keep all the gunk hidden away!

A trash can is such a ubiquitous and necessary item, but is also one that we don't like looking at. We don't associate it with beauty but rather with ugliness. We wanted to transform that outlook and the trash can by introducing this unique lid that completely beautifies your garbage container and adds subtle functionality to it. Let us explain that to you further, after we talk a bit about our inspiration: the aperture mechanism.

We were directly inspired by the aperture mechanism that is used in cameras. With the aperture mechanism, one can create openings on any size and it's aesthetically pleasing to look at. We wanted to design a lid that could possibly minimize airflow and could be opened to accommodate the precise size of the trash can that you would be using. 

Oho by Kamakshi Arora MDes '20 and Raunak Deshmukh MDes '20


Design, Materiality and Craft
We as a team collectively put our skills together from the conceptualization to the actual execution to come up with Oho. 

The lid is engineered with precision to ensure that it not only functions smoothly but also looks pleasing to the client. The lid is currently offered in two variations: one is plastic and another is aluminum for a more glassy finish.

The blades are made out of plastic to ensure easy replacement and cleaning, and to maintain the longevity of the lid itself due to the nature of objects it might come in contact with. 

The rest of the parts that are within the ring are constructed out of lightweight plastic to minimize the weight. We have attached clamps at two points that are made by using torsion springs to provide an exact fitting mechanism that ensures the lid stays in place.