Molly Smith

BFA '15

Photography (BFA)

The faculty, facilities, and community at the University of the Arts got me to where I am today. On the day of graduation in 2015, I met a true legend and now a great friend, Sally Mann. I have been able to utilize my knowledge and skills but also continue to expand my education, learning from her with each project we work on.

My professional career has inspired my community outreach: I now also work with a fine arts collective here in Lexington, Virginia. What I experienced in Philadelphia and at the University of the Arts helped me develop my artist practice which continues to grow every day.

  • September 2016: Remembered Light, Cy Twombly in Lexington
    • Helped Sally learn how to digitally print by printing the inkjets for this show which has traveled with Gagosian Gallery, in  NYC, Rome, Athens and Paris
  • March 2018: A Thousand Crossings
    • National Gallery of Art is presenting an exhibition of Sally‚Äôs narrative of the South. We have been working with Brilliant Graphics through this process and have also been working with the Peabody Excess on the show
  • LexCollective
    • Collective of young artists in Rockbridge County
    • Expanding the knowledge of craft, fine art, and performing arts in the community of Lexington

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