Andrew Dahlgren

Product Design (BFA)

Andrew Dahlgren is a designer, organizer, maker and teacher. He studied industrial design as an undergraduate at North Carolina State University's College of Design and in graduate school at the University of the Arts' Master of Industrial Design program. Outside of his formal education, Andrew has worked as a wood worker and metal fabricator. He has produced custom furniture, architectural specialities, art work, taking on each step of the process from designer to producer to project manager. Andrew has been teaching Industrial Design and Product Design since 2007 at UArts and more recently he has taught at The University of Pennsylvania.

Prototype for Window Cell

Outside of teaching Andrew has been involved with organizing several projects and events: Philly Works, Made in Philly, and Urban Studio. These projects focus on helping independent designers and makers gain exposure for their work and expanding the audiences who have access to design. When not teaching and creating events Andrew develops products for his own home furnishings product line.

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